4 Stunning Antidotes For The Human ‘Race’

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These days the world moves so fast…this is no news flash I know, but something we need to keep in perspective as it appears the faster the world turns the faster we are running right past life, as if we weren’t aware of the dial being ramped up to unprecedented speed as we flail along, arms pumping, legs accelerating, mind racing, doing our best to keep up with…..who, what, where?

Do you ever wake up hungover from life wondering “how did I get here?”. Do you ever wish you had an excuse to just clock out and disappear into a world devoted to inspiration, creativity and passion for the pure sake of  pleasure. Would you dare?  Do you long for a responsibility hall pass, a chance to escape and live out your quiet dreams.  Perhaps this is why the arts are slowly emerging back into a valuable place in our world again. Like the slow drumming heart beat of our culture recognizing the need for a moment to stand still, to take a breath of pleasure and dance in the quiet space of our souls.

Whether it be music, design, art, literature, gardening or just cooking a dinner for friends, these are all examples of ways we step out of the ‘human race’ and live, just to BE and derive pleasure from the moment.

Here’s a little dose of some creative individuals and artists in their personal spaces, their life’s quiet moments, as seen through the eyes of Todd Selby, a portrait, interiors, journalist, fashion photographer and illustrator. His amazing site “The Selby” is a recent discovery and little treasure – my chance to escape for just a little while…..


XO ~ L

Christian Louboutin – Shoe and Bag Designer


Rita Konig
  Writer and Interior Designer


Marie Beltrami


His last post is one of my favorites, with Caitlin Freeman- Pastry Chef and James Freeman- Coffee Maker at a home in San Francisco…




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