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Whether it’s formal, casual, fancy shmancy or super chill – thinking about what to wear when you’re hosting a party can be downright stressful. You’re so busy thinking of all the little details that go into making your party a success that you don’t have time to think of yourself, and the big question: “what am I going to wear?”  Most often this question, along with a sudden panic attack, comes to mind (strikes fear) only hours, minutes, seconds before your guests arrive – and yes, that’s grounds for a cocktail party in your closet.

Though throwing together a party can be stressful at times, having your looks planned ahead will make you feel calm, confident and gorgeous when the doorbell rings. So behold my fellow party girls I am here for you with 8 simple tips and 1 rule (that will set you free), plus a few recommendations for what to wear when you host your fabulous party that will make getting dressed for your own party a snap!

Rule: The host sets the tone for the party.  That means what you wear goes, and as the host you can wear whatever you want.

Do’s and Don’ts Of What To Wear When Hosting Your Party

1. Do wear what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t wear a pair of super tight unforgiving jeans that will make you feel fat when you bend down to take something out of the oven, a top that cuts you under the arms and makes you feel self conscious from the party hostess sweat rings.  Or shoes that have you in pain, suffering and cringing as you hobble to the door to greet your guests.

2. Do prevent fashion panic: Carve out at least 20 minutes to pick out, try on, iron and prep your clothes the day before while you’re still relaxed. This includes hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry. Style yourself from head to toe and then stow away for the next day.

3. Do wear something that won’t get in your way: When picking an outfit consider time of day, weather, and what you will be doing at the party: Are you cooking, making cocktails, are you inside, outside, schlepping up and down stairs?  Are those flowing sleeves safe over the stove? Will those shoes slip running around on the hardwood floor?  Are you going to be fussing with the V neck of that dress?


4. Don’t wear something precious: If someone knocks over a glass of red wine, sauce drops on your dress, you get some spills on your shoes – make sure it won’t ruin your night. Unless you have yourself covered with caterers, help in the kitchen and a dishwasher, don’t wear your most expensive dress, blouse, shoes, pants.  Opt for materials that are easily cleaned and or replaceable.  Faux leather jeans can be wiped instantly with a cloth, they’re super chic, can be dressed up or down – and no one will know their not real.

5. Don’t mistake sloppy for casual: how you dress is a direct reflection of how you feel.  Even if you’re not ‘feeling’ it, put on something that you look fabulous in – you’ll be surprised how looking good can make you feel good.



6. Do wear something that feels special: a festive color, something sparkly, dangly earrings, statement necklace, something new. A splash of rosy blush, warm cheek shimmer, glimmer of gloss, luscious lashes –  that little extra touch does wonders for a girl’s self confidence.

7. Do give your guests a heads up about the party attire too.  You’ll feel more comfortable not being the only one decked out and in this age of Instagram your photos will turn out better too: “Hi Nicole, just want you to feel comfortable and let you know that the dinner party is super relaxed tonight so feel free to be casual” “Hi guys, in light of the holiday we’re asking everyone to dress to impress for a festive occasion”

8. When choosing an outfit don’t let your choice make you into someone or something you’re not. You will loose your authenticity. The best piece of fashion advice I got a long time ago is:  ‘you wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you‘. Style yourself to enhance who you already are.  There is nothing more chic than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t to try too hard. Wear what lets your own beauty shine through and you will indeed be beautiful.

The bottom line is when you’re comfortable and you feel good, then everyone’s in for a good time.  Now you’re ready to be the life of the party and bring out the best in you.

~ Beauty is not what you’re wearing, beauty is a light in the heart ~

–  Kahlil Gibran 


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