A Weekend Technology Detox – It’s easier Than You Think!

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The weekend is a great time to detox and I’m not talking about juicing or fasting. I’m talking about a tech detox and there are signs all around us that this may become a necessity to living a long, disease free, quality life.

Technology is everywhere. Between our iPads, iPods, iPhones – we’re expected to be accessible and responsive at at all times. Gone are the quiet drives in the car, alone time on the plane, doctor’s office waiting rooms, gym’s, walking, restaurants, parks, elevators, and the worst – the bedroom (bye bye sex, sleep and serenity).  I recently witnessed a family of four out to dinner, all at the table looking down on their  iPhones – not once glance, word or acknowledgment of one another. When the waitress came they didn’t even look up to order their food.  The tech madness must end.A Weekend Technology Detox - Liza America's Host

On a day you can afford to go M.I.A. (shoot for at least one), it’s important to shut it all down. Shut off your phone, your computer, the radio and your television – pick up a real book. Do you hear the silence? Can you feel the electricity leaving the air? – you’ll sleep like a baby on those nights.

The over stimulation of lights, sounds, and instant gratification has accelerated our heart rates and switched our operating speeds to high, and unless you shut that switch off, high speed is your forever speed – and our bodies just aren’t built to sustain that pace. This duration of high stress increases our cortisol levels and adrenaline, the fight or flight state meant for high danger situations, not a lifestyle. This continual state reeks havoc on our sleep patterns and seratonin levels making for a huge struggle when it comes to naturally unwinding (sans the red wine) and relaxing before bed.

This hyper state is also linked to cell dysplasia – a.k.a. cancer.  Stress hormones are a feeding ground for disease and eventually  deteriorate us physically – including our skin, hair, nails and eyesight.  Better said, it will age you faster than the nights you stayed up all night partying, at least then you took the next day to recover.

Without a high frequency stress break we throw our system out of whack, our hormones levels surge (not in a good way), our nervous system becomes fried and our mental capacity reduces significantly.  By taking a break you are actually working smarter not harder.  This is what technology was supposed to offer us in the first place.  Faster access and ways to get our work done so we have more time to play and do the things we love to do.

So this weekend, give yourself a hall pass, even if it’s one day – even a half day. Do it!  Take a step back into nature, make a mind-body-spirit connection, spend the afternoon playing with your dog, walk through the park, go for bike ride – without checking your phone.  Leave the phone behind.

 Do anything your great grandma would do for fun – ok well, maybe your grandma who lived on a farm without WiFi.

Do you know someone who could use a little tech detox?

XO ~ L

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