A Seriously Cool Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

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How many times have you been caught rushing around looking for the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything?  Trying to find something that rises up to a special occasion or person and calls for something more thoughtful, creative and cool than the standard bottle of wine, a candle or book.  In this case it just doesn’t feel right picking up something that doesn’t hit the mark and that can leave you feeling frustrated and desperate which typically means you start over spending.
You can stop your search now, park the car, and relax because I found the seriously cool gift you need!
I’m crazy about these uber cool bottles openers.  Something about turning function into art that makes me happy.  I love the simplicity matched with design and the use of the rich brass metal that just keeps getting better with age.
These bottle openers are that one-of-a-kind gift that you’re going to need at some point and is soooooo hard to find when you have to look for it.  In cases like this, when I find a something this fabulous, I buy several and keep them wrapped, ready to 
 go for that last minute BBQ at my best guy friends house or a dinner party that my fav couple are hosting – you can’t just bring a hostess gift when the dude is doing half the work now can you.
Can I just tell you how many times I’ve thanked myself for doing this.
I save myself time, energy, money, frustration and panic when I just can’t find the right gift.
These brass bottle openers truly are perfect for the cool dude hosting a party, groomsmen gift, birthday present, bachelor party gift, father’s day gift, holiday gift, office party gift… really you can’t go wrong with this one.  
So go to the link below, click the ‘shop’  button and stock up! 
XO ~ L
Brass Bottle Openers from Fortstandard.com

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