Video: Grilling Star Elizabeth Karmel Shares Top Grilling Tips You Need To Know…before you light the grill

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There was a time when I only used two flame setting on my stove, High or Off.  This meant countless time spent over the kitchen sink scraping the black charcoal off my poor innocent food.  A trait I probably learned that from my marine corps dad who barbecued everything, and I mean everything, on full blast mode – the flames looking more like a raging bon fire than a welcoming grill.  He once barbecued a frozen Thanksgiving turkey on an impressive, blazing 2 foot flame in a Weber – it was ugly.  Blackened on the outside icy, red and raw on the inside – that turkey was doomed.  I’ll never forget that Thanksgiving. Which is one of the reasons why I haven’t quite warmed up to grilling.  Even as an adult, I’m still scared by years of dad’s barbecue escapades.  His rule;  one can never have too much lighter fluid. 

Grilling isn’t exactly my strongest skill. These days I’m eating more gently cooked if not completely raw veggies and the occasional meat – but hey, nothing replaces cooking a burger, steak, lamb chops or tangy barbecue chicken outside on a roaring open flame.  I have experienced what the perfectly grilled burger tastes like and it took me to another place.  So on that rare occasion, when my inner carnivore craves that juicy, lip smackin, finger lickin, show down with meat smothered in BBQ sauce, and tofu just won’t do,  I want that barbecued morsel to be cooked to absolute perfection – did you hear that dad.

To help me out with some top notch grilling tips, I turned to Southern grilling star, Eizabeth Karmel.  Elizabeth is truly a star, adored by her huge following throughout the country,  she shares her expert technique and simple tricks that help chicks (and guys) like me feel more confident about mastering the art of the open flame.   I also love her Southern, shoot from the hip style – she’s a real pistol. Watch the video for what she says everyone should know before they light the grill. Watch video below.


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