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Video: Bobby Deen Gets Personal; Marriage, Kids and Mama!

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I didn’t know much about Bobby Deen – except that he’s one of two sons of Food Network star Paula Deen, other than that I was just looking forward to meeting a nice Southern boy who might be able to give me the secrets to the highly revered Southern hospitality.  Our interview took place just beyond the pool  ( a very loud live band played poolside, to happy pool partiers – only our sound guy wasn’t one of them) at the Loews Hotel, South Beach.

Let me start by saying that I was tenth in a line of patient interviewers, as we all waited our turn (listening to great music, in the sun, fully dressed as bikini clad snow birds, sipping on the latest mixology cocktails, deepened their East Coast spray tans).  Making small talk with each other, checking our iphone schedules and comparing the Food Festival highlights so far…we sat for over an hour, out of earshot of the musical chairs of interviewers firing away at Bobby.

I get a heads up – the publicist signals it’s my turn and I’m hoping Bobby isn’t too tired or growing bored of everyone’s questions.  Hopefully all will go well. He’ll be at least focused, at best engaging and even better, somewhat interested in what we’re talking about – that’s all I can ask.

I’m introduced to Bobby.  We take our places and begin our interview. Can I tell you? I am now, a BIG Bobby Deen fan –  we had so much fun talking together that we had to split the interview into two parts.  He’s warm, funny, personable and completely grounded.  He happily answered all my questions about his marriage, home life and his mom. He made me feel like an old friend.  Did you know he even cooks ‘clean’ food for his new bride – a physical trainer and aspiring health coach – Bobby Deen IS Southern Hospitality!


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