Top Late Summer Super Foods You Should Be Eating Now

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Have you had the peaches yet!  Oh my this season the peaches are divinely juicy, sweet, tangy and mouthwateringly delicious!  I can’t walk by the peach stand and the insane smell of fresh peaches ripening side by side as that beautiful rosy, peachy, orange-yellow color oozes ‘bite me!’ without loading them into my basket.  I bought ten yesterday and put them in the fridge.  When they were nice and cold I washed them, dried them and proceeded to eat four in a row as peach juice dripped down my face and neck – I smiled and licked the pit and my fingers until it was all gone. I made a delicious Peach Crumble with the rest – oh man the smells of the peaches roasting and crumble topping caramelizing in the oven is drives me insane.  Crumble hot from the oven is dreamy!

This my friends is Summer lovin – and I am so loving this seasons bounty of fresh stone fruits and vegetables.

Eating seasonally is our chance to connect with the earth and to understand it’s original environmental rhythms that have brilliantly sustained us beings for millions of years.   It’s mind blowing really, when you think of it – the earth, the soil, the seasons are all taking care of us in a quiet and soulful way. Eating seasonally is a delicious way to be in harmony with the planet and grateful for it’s nutritious gifts at the same time.

Here for the top 10 super foods in season August-September.  Print up the list stick it on the fridge, take it to the grocery store, farmers market, share with friends and vow to keep yourself healthy and excited about nourishing your body seasonally. 

Here’s to your everlasting Health! XO ~ L


What’s In Season Now:

Gravenstein apples

Flavor Grenade pluots

Heirloom tomatoes



Japanese eggplant



Purple wax beans

Poblano peppers


Green Beans









Winding Down:

Avocados, Artichokes

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