Top 10 Winter Super Foods

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Top 10 Winter Super Foods You Should Be Eating Now.

There is a theory that eating seasonally provides your body with exactly what it needs to thrive during that season.  Like all living things we change, grow and evolve throughout  the year..what our body needs changes too.   Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why in the cold months we crave the warm comfort foods of winter;  hearty root vegetables, savory leeks, legume soups, buttery cabbage, spices – these foods have a way of soothing the soul as well as nourishing the body.  They also happen to provide quite the immune-boosting, mineral potent, antioxidant rich punch – just what we need when the colds and flu start circulating.

Eating seasonally can be a challenge however, especially when the demand for summer fruits and vegetables all year round has us importing produce from countries that have opposite climates during our cold months like Chile and  Mexico – it’s easy to forget what exactly is in season?  The bummer is when we lose sight of the season’s bounty we short change diversity in our diets and an opportunity to say bye-bye to the menu doldrums or the “I’m so bored with cooking the same ‘ole thing” conundrum.  Eating seasonally also offers us a chance to connect with the earth, to understand it’s natural and original environmental rhythms that have brilliantly sustained us for millions of years.  I think it’s mind blowing really, when you think of it – the earth, the soil, the seasons are all taking care of us in a quiet and soulful way – we go against ourselves and nature when we want more than is offered organically.

Eating seasonally is a delicious way to be in harmony with the planet’s rhythm and grateful for it’s nutritious gifts at the same time.

Here for the top 10 super foods in season November-February.  Print up the list stick it on the fridge, take it to the grocery store, farmers market, share with friends and vow to keep yourself healthy and excited about nourishing your body seasonally.  Throw it all together with these super tasty Winter recipes:  Buttery Leek + Kale Soup , Roasted Butternut Squash, Kale + Beet Salad.

Here’s to your everlasting Health! XO ~ L



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