Three Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Looks For The Modern Day Host/ess

Heart of The Host/ess Inspiration

The Thanksgiving table symbolizes the celebration and significance of gratitude in our lives – the day we give thanks for the abundance that surrounds us.  But just because the Thanksgiving tradition is one that’s been lovingly handed down for generations, and we’ll never take that for granted – well that doesn’t mean we can’t put our own fresh spin on the ‘Giving Table’. After all, the way you set your table reflects not only your personal style (isn’t it time to update it from grandma’s) but the way you feel about the day and the people you’re sharing it with.  These loving, thoughtful and creative details will be the back drop to new meaningful memories for you and the ones you love. What do you want your table to look like?

The MODERN Table

It’s time to clear the decks and flex that self restraint muscle. When it comes to Modern – less is more. It’s all about clean lines, simplicity and artistic placement. The modern day host/ess loves to keep it fresh and try new things. A MODERN table shows guests you’re confident, so not fussy and tres chic. You’ve got everything under control and ready for that glass of wine.


The RUSTIC Table

The rustic table is a soulful celebration of textures, dimension and nature.  No fancy table cloths needed here –  let the character of your wood table be the canvas to the earth’s bounty or slip on a rough cut sheet of burlap, linen or butcher paper.   Cancel the florist and create abundant clusters of candles amongst rosemary, pumpkins, artichokes, squash and pomegranates. Natural elements like wood, cork, leaves and branches are all the beautiful ornaments you need. Here your gratitude for those around you takes center stage!


The new GLAM Table

Let’s get dressed up and give this day the celebration it deserves.  Break out the china, crystal and linens – we’re about to get fancy.  But the modern day host/ess knows that fancy doesn’t mean stuffy. The GLAM table is all about a sophisticated and curated tablescape for the pure sake of fun. Mix and match textures, colors and prints. Throw in a splash of metallic dipped flatware, stemware or accessories for a pop of shine and elegance.   A GLAM table says it’s time to crack open the champagne!


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