The Trouble with Bright Girls

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I have a 9 year old daughter who has such delicious enthusiasm for life, loads of self confidence and tenacity, that as much as it drives me crazy at times, deep in my heart – I admire tremendously. For these are the qualities that will get her through life, weather the storms and keep her resilient. The qualities of a leader and a thriver, these qualities will serve her as long as she believes in herself, no matter how hard she gets knocked down.

She is not rare in these traits – statistics show girls up until the 4th grade have what it takes to conquer the world – motivation, self esteem, academic smarts, confidence and determination. Then something happens, something terribly wrong happens to these wonderfully spirited girls full of moxi. They drop off, shrink down, and slowly become less sure, insecure and hard on themselves. This new attitude stems from a deep seated, out dated belief system – hardly worthy of our girls – that is snatching up half the worlds intelligence, creativity and contributions. Which may be why there are less women leaders, representatives, innovators and C suite occupants.

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My daughter has what it takes to make this world a better place – I know she’s not alone. I see her friends, her classmates, her relatives – they are girls on fire! They are our future – they are dynamos. I want our girls to fight with the boys, not for the boys. I want our girls to rock this world, hold their own and be co-leaders side by side with the men. But first we need to right the ship and map a clear course. We need to be conscious parents, teachers, educators, coaches. …and we need to get educated as to why this happens and how we can stop it before it’s too late.

I share with you an article that explains this phenomenon and what we can do to change things. As parents we have the privilege to help guide our children and therefore make a difference in the world. Please share this with moms, dads, grandparents, educators of girls and boys so that we might one day know we all played a part in changing the world. XO ~ L

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The Trouble With Bright Girls

Off the Sidelines

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘Off the Sidelines’ is helping women & girls to “get in the game“.

Lean In
Facebook CEO, Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ foundation geared towards college campuses.


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