The Secret To Making Magical Holidays

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Ok that’s it – I’ve decided I’m never taking down the twinkle lights or the Christmas tree – I want the magic of the holidays to last forever.  We just finished the massive undertaking (really just my husband, while I handed out invaluable direction) of untangling, finding out which worked, which didn’t, and how to connect all the pieces together of the miles of christmas lights we’ve accumulated over the years.  So what’s my secret to making the holidays magical no matter what? Read on.

The kids are going crazy, the holiday music is blaring and the fireplace is roaring. We have all come together to annoy, pester and irritate each other while we bring holiday cheer to our lovely home. We have been to the hardware store three times to buy more lights, hooks and stuff.  There are pine needles everywhere, and yet again I picked out a tree – after convincing my adoring husband that it’s “just right” – that is in fact, way too big.  We now live with a bent over goliath tree – that although makes us feel shrunken, brings us utter joy when we walk in the house. Welcome to the magical holidays…


I have cold weather holiday food on the brain and champagne cocktail recipes in my veins.  We still haven’t figured out our holiday card or taken a family photo for that matter. I have yet to RSVP to a party, ship gifts that need shipping or figured out the guest count for Christmas day.  There are school concerts, winter concerts and ‘reply all’  class parties that haven’t heard from me, at all  – as well as relatives still waiting for a phone invitation to come to Christmas dinner…the countdown has begun. There are boxes and boxes of decorations coming out of the attic, along with a ton of dishes, serving ware and utensils – that reminds me,  I need to order the turkeys.

You would think the chaos of the holidays would somehow diminish the anticipation {the absolute pressure cooker of getting things done, crossed off the list and handled before December 25th} of the most hyped up day of the year.  But. it doesn’t.  Not one bit – and I can say this from my heart, that nothing makes me feel more wonderfully energized with hope, spirit and cheer than the holidays.

So here’s my secret: It’s not about religion for me, after all I grew up with a family that worships meals first.  It’s simply about coming together, being together and loving the ones your with. There’s a lot of noise, distractions and valid reasons why the meaning of the holidays gets swallowed up in the hectic frenzy of ‘making things perfect’ – I adhere to a new way of thinking, one that values the people over the stuff, that isn’t afraid of what others think, that makes decisions from a heart space of love and generosity, that could care less if I miss out, drop out, or get dropped, as long as I’m with the people I love and care about.

In this way – I am a disruptor, a rebel, a rule breaker. I won’t subject myself to falling under the spell of the demanding and isolating holiday stress and commercialism – and that’s why I can embrace it.  My secret to loving this magical time of year is keeping myself centered in what I value most. Then all else falls away, like magic. What do you value most during the holidays?  I promise if you keep that close to your heart and in the front of your brain you too will experience a lightness and freedom to enjoy the holidays. No matter what.


Happy {magical} Holidays to You.

Thank you for spending time with me and sharing your passion for bringing the people you love most to-gather. 

Wishing you a most loving and meaningful celebration!


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