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The Perfect Gift For D A D

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There’s something about copper that wreaks of organic manly-man manliness (and maybe even a little ketchup – see below) That’s why when I came across this gorgeous copper flask, I knew it would make for a great Father’s Day gift.   He’ll love the fact that it’s hand crafted and will just keep getting better with age – a true keepsake, maybe even handed down to the next manly-man in the family.

Engrave it or personalize it with your own message, fill it with his favorite spirit, wrap it in a beautiful box or burlap sack – this is a gift that is unique, timeless, strong and super cool.  Just the kind of keepsake dad will want to treasure for years to come.

Below is a home remedy guide for caring for copper. Create your own cheat sheet for how to handle with care and give to D A D. He’s going to want to take care of this bad boy.


The official go-to recipe for polishing copper is equal parts kosher salt and ketchup. Squeeze out a big glob of ketchup and add salt in equal measure. Spread the solution on the copperware and work it with a soft cotton or hemp cloth—not polyester or synthetics, as that will scratch the surface. Buff it out with another natural soft cloth. If you have dark spots on your copper, it is likely a carbon stain from cooking something starchy, like pasta, The water has been taken out of the carbohydrates, creating just carbon, which is black. Carbon and copper bond easily and these spots require a stronger commercial solution. If they don’t come off, they need to be mechanically buffed, essentially breaking off the carbon on the copper surface. I’ve heard of people using a shoe buffer or an orbital sander with a buffing attachment.

Steps for Cleaning Copper

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