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I have a strong sense of wanderlust. Like planning your next meal while you’re chowing on the current – I have the insatiable desire to keep sensational experiences pulsing through my veins. Travel is my drug and I am a mainliner.  The feeling of vitality, curiosity, humbleness, fluidity, empowerment and oneness with the world are my addictions. I have a need, down to the core to keep growing and changing. Every time I go away I come back different – I love that. 

Besides literally feeding this addiction through my food & wine correspondent work, I peruse the latest hit lists for the ‘where to go now‘ so I can start planing and plotting my next adventure – usually while I’m still on the plane home – then of course I figure out where to eat.  

I share with you two juicy lists!:

  1. The Best Hotels In The World via – Ben Pundole, the founder, shares his list of the chicest and most luxe hotels across the globe.
  2. Second list comes from the world’s top luxury travel agency network, Virtuoso. These are the best vacations spots for Fall! Both are wanderlust worthy …don’t you agree?  XO, L

The Best Hotels In The World:

The Nord Pines Hotel | Liza America's Host

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