10 Simple Ways To Transform Your Dinner Table Tonight

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“Love is in the details”…I think it was Oprah that coined that phrase.

Or was it me? Haha! Well, I’m pretty sure anyone who’s ever immersed themselves in the art of table settings has heard these words whispering in their hearts. Possibly even muttered them softly aloud – I know I have. “Love is in the details” is what I say to myself when I make the extra effort setting the table for guests, my kids, family.

The little touches like using white cloth napkins, popping a few fresh flower stems in a bud vase, writing a little love note set on my kid’s plates, mixing in the the fancy china with every day dish ware, to the music I select. Each seemingly small effort to make the table beautiful is a way of showing love for yourself and the people around you.  Question: Do a seven and eight year old have the ability to appreciate these table top nuances I wonder?  “Mom you forgot the votive candles” – ah ha, there’s the answer I was hoping for!

Table top design, table art, table settings, tablescape – these are words for ways in which we express ourselves when we set our tables.  Whether it’s the kitchen counter, a lap desk or coffee table, it’s a way of taking the ordinary and making it special. It is a demonstration of reverence for the culinary arts, which includes the most basic meals. Translation: it’s the way we show respect and gratitude for the food before us and what we are about to do – share a meal, with friends, family, four legged loves or tout sol.

Whichever way you like to dine, when you make your table beautiful you are taking time to treat yourself and the ones you love well –  and you deserve it. Special details doesn’t have to mean fancy, expensive, grand or over the top…

Some of the most beautiful settings are the simplest, allowing a thoughtful touch to take center stage.


Use these 10 simple tips and transform your dinner table from ordinary to special tonight:

1. Start with a clean canvas

Completely clear off the table of any clutter, mail, magazines, stuff.

2. Break out the precious tabletop settings

Glass, china, any decor you’ve been waiting to use for a special occasion  – this is it!

3. Add life to the table

A simple bowl of seasonal fruit, lemons, apples, vegetables, flowers or fresh herbs brightens the table beautifully.

4. Ditch the paper towels

Use 100% cotton white napkins for an instant upgrade.  Bonus: they feel good and are better for the planet.

5. Upgrade your settings

Roll the silverware into each napkin, place on the plate and tie with simple twine, packing string or ribbon.

6. Make it glow

Drop a few votive candles into your wine, water glasses or mason jars.  Place 3-5 clusters of three votives around the table.

7. Ditch the bottles

Leave the products bottles, packages, wrappers in the kitchen; transfer all salad dressing, condiments, seasoning into small bowls or plates for the table. Have everything you need for dinner; water pitcher, salad dressing, sides, extra salad, on the table so you don’t have to keep getting up and down.

8. Personalize the table with creative place settings

Write a love note on a leaf and tuck it into the napkins.  Share an inspirational quote on a butcher paper table cloth.  Cut out a circle the size of the middle ring on your plate from cardboard or paper, write a personal note and  place it on the plate.

9. Establish time at the table as ‘tech free’

No phones, TV, iPads, or distracting gadgets. Sit down, slow down, stay present and become aware of your surroundings, breathe…

10. Take a moment to acknowledge the dinner

The people you’re with, the effort and care that went into the meal. Don’t just dive in and gobble down your food. Use a toast as a way of transitioning from a hurried day to nourishing your body, heart and soul.

 Wishing you a little moment tonight to make yourself and the ones you love feel special.


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XO ~ L

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