Now THIS is how to have fun at your SuperBowl party…

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It’s game time!

It’s official: The teams are set, players pumped and the stadium is sold out….don’t have tix, no worries cuz guess what, if you’re watching from home you could have the best seat in the house – that is of course if you’re actually sitting. If you’re throwing a #Superbowl party, chances are you’ll be focused, at least somewhat, on your guests.  Aaaaaaah then the moment happens – you’re running into the kitchen for the napkins, extra plate, refill, mustard…aaaand from the other room you hear it;  a loud raucous roar, cheering, swearing, high-fiving, woohooing – you know you just missed something big.


It was so nice of you to invite everyone over, shopping, schlepping, cleaning, setting up for your dear friends,  who are going to have a blast and thank you profusely – but what about you?  Have you got yourself covered? Are you prepared to have a good time, hang with the gang and enjoy your own party?  Did I hear a “heck yeah!” – good because I’m setting you up with three little initials that have become very popular these days with everything from fashion to construction: D.I.Y. Yes this is the key to feeling like a guest at your own Superbowl party – or any party for that matter – and I’m going to break it down for you right now. Here we go!

Create stations or one long table – counters and serving trays work great too – for these 3 categories:

photo credit (top): Gretchen at threelittlemonkeysstudio.com


1.  Food  

all your food, snacks, condiments, chips, toppings, go here – along with the serving utensils.

2.  Drinks 

Fact:  the world of entertaining, party, throwing and events is one of the biggest offenders to the environment due to massive waste.  Recycled or recyclable party supplies is the way to go.

- glasses or disposable paper cups
- coasters
wine & bottle openers
large ice bucket for beers, water, wine and ice  (can literally be a metal bucket or tub – I get mine from the hardware store)
Tie a couple bottle openers to the handle so they don’t get carried away in a moment of distraction.
bar fruit
liquor bottles
shakers or stirrers depending on what cocktails you’re offering
trash can

3. Dishes etc. 

This is where you’ll have all your supplies.
- plates
more glasses / cups
napkins – in yellow and have fun with the ‘penalty flags’.
spoons (even if you don’t need one – put it out there, you know someone’s going to ask for one)

Liza’s  Super #PartyTricks:

* Drape a cloth over the station tables and keep all extras; bags of snacks, waters, trash bags, napkins, plates of whatever you already have out, under the table.  That way if someone asks for more you can say “look under the table”. No one leaves the room, everyone’s happy.

* While you’re at the hardware store picking up your drink and ice tubs, get your self a few feet of astro turf,  size and cut to fit your station tables or trays – use white duct tape to makes yard lines on your astro field. Protects your surfaces from drippings, stains and melting ice.

*  If you are serving your food on platters, make up a few extra so they’ll be ready to switch out for the empties – ok, so you might have to leave for a second to get them in the kitchen if they need to be refrigerated.

*  Mason jars are a great all purpose drinks glass – hearty, durable and stemless they won’t knock over easily with the sudden jump-from-your-seat cheer.

* If you’re going easy with disposable plates, napkins, utensils, check out Party City’s new Eco Party supplies http://www.partycity.com/search.do?query=eco+party – it’s a great way to support their efforts to make parties more ‘green’, you can even order online and delivered to your door.

Print this up, share it, take it with you to the store. Call your friends, break out the tables, stock up on goodies and have yourself a ball.  Game on- you’re covered, relax, enjoy your party…aaaaaaand may the best team win!

Xo ~ L