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Summer Fling: Stacy Twilley

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How do I even begin to introduce this week’s Summer Fling?  This is a woman and long time friend whom I’ve been lucky enough to share many of life’s chapters – starting businesses, having babies, health scares, big changes, celebrations, lunches, advice, tears, dance parties, growing pains, karaoke, new directions, parenthood, a few glasses of champagne – and oh so much more.  We have always been close friends, weaving in and out of each others lives, yet never feeling disconnected or distant from one another. She is one of those women you know if you needed her, she’d be there for you – because she has.

This week I introduce you to a jewel in my life.  A friend who inspires me – always, and I’m not exaggerating.   A friend who lifts me up, lifts all women up, and generously shares her beautiful heart, as she only wears it on her sleeve.  She dances between motherhood, partner, savvy business woman, passionate advocate, world traveler, fun-loving entertainer and soulful friend with such integrity and grace – I learn so much from her.  I have not once seen her be anything but genuine, authentic and real – and I’m talking about the really hard stuff too. I love her for her courageous vulnerability and strength.  She will blow you away with her ability to carry on, hang in and never give up.  She follows her dreams and takes her friends with her – now that’s a friend.

She is a girl’s girl, a girlie girl, a party girl, a safe place – Stacy Twilley is a dear friend that I’m honored to share, because I know you will love her too. 

And if that’s not enough, I am bursting with pride for her latest hugely successful passion project, Twilley Atelier. As one of LA’s hottest emerging designers Stacy has found a way to breathe her sophistication, elegance and youthful spirit into some of the freshest and chicest dress designs to be seen. You know that hole in your wardrobe – the one that drives you crazy when you need to wear something that’s not too dressy, trendy or flashy but has that understated elegance without feeling like an old lady or like you’re going to a funeral. Something that reflects your confidence to be a woman, yet is appropriate in the conference room. Something that says, “yeah, I’m strong, smart, confident and I’m not afraid to look hot without trying too hard.  That one piece that will be your go-to because it’s classic design allows you to dress it up or down.

This is what Stacy Twilley, the woman who loves making other women feel good about themselves, has managed to capture in her classic designs.  I know first hand because the first dress I bought from her is the red dress you see above, made from the highest quality fabric – the workmanship is superb.  I wore that dress for the first time to a luncheon in honor legendary fashion icon Iris Apfel – I’m not kidding when I tell you I could have sold that dress off my back ten times that day. Not only did I feel terrific in this gorgeous red dress, but I wanted to announce to the world “my friend Stacy made this!”  


Stacy Twilley

I’m a Michigan gal!

Current Casa:
Hancock Park

Day Job:
Clothing designer & mom to 3 teen girls!

Daily Uniform:
Jeans (my current favs are Stella McCartney’s flairs); white shirt untucked with sleeves rolled up (j crew has the best cotton tuxedo style shirt – I have a closet full) Valentino studded sandals or Celine slides in the summer; Henry Beguelin boots in winter

If I could dress anyone:
Audrey Gelman, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Alba

New Pair of shoes or decadent meal:
New pair of shoes – preferably a pair of Celines

Champagne or tequila:

Design crush:
Phoebe Philo

Most embarrassing fashion moment:
I don’t embarrass easily …

On our first shopping date I’d take you to:
My Atelier of course!!

Girl’s night in or out:

Favorite party dress:
My Twilley Atelier Mondaco dress – it’s new for SS16 – handpainted silk on a gorgeous chiffon print – it’s dreamy!

Fashion motto:
Look good by doing good.

Above or below the knee:
Both above the knee or skimming my toes – I’m an extremist

First thing I notice when I meet someone:
If their eyes sparkle when they talk

Best song to dance to:
Silento – Watch Me. My girls are teaching me to whip and naynay this summer

Most incredible party I’ve ever been to:
The morrocan Malibu beach party my husband threw for me for my 40th birthday. I prefer to throw the party rather than be the center of attention, but this one was magical.

What I wore:
Lots of turquoise jewelry and a fabulous white jalaba.

Can’t live without:
My 3 teenage daughters

Can’t live with:
My 3 teenage daughters

Most treasured friendship trait:
Authenticity & loyalty

Words I live by:
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

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