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Summer Fling Series! : Kathy Patalsky

Fun Inspiration

Welcome to the Summer Fling Series where throughout the Sumer I’ll be introducing you to some of my all time favorite people, influencers and over all rock star individuals who rock my world – and they’ll rock yours too. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than introducing great friends to great friends. I’ve always been a ‘connector’ ever since I was a kid. I never had just one group of friends – I was friends with everyone.

Cliques were too limiting for me, I needed a big world. I was friends with the cool girls,summer fling series smart girls, jocks, drama club, stoners, drifters, cheerleaders, surfers. I loved them all. They made my life rich, diverse and super dynamic. I learned so much about people and the world. I know this was a key ingredient in my success as a restaurateur.  I love people – and the restaurant business is the people business. In the restaurant I was able to introduce, connect and bring quality people together every day from all walks of life. It was one of my greatest joys. In my more intimate friendships I am always thinking who would like who – or “oh these two are going to love each other”. There’s a certain thrill in playing a hand at introducing wonderful people to each other and watching a friendship, business or creative endeavor develop and flourish from the spirit of authentic admiration, connection and fun.

Friendships are so special, they are such gifts – I just have to share!

This Summer I’m excited to share some of my favorite people with you in my Summer Fling Series. They are from all walks of life, do different things, offer new perspectives, have great passions, integrity and talents – but most of all, they are quality people that I truly adore, admire and respect.

Happy Healthy Life

This week I’m excited to introduce to you Kathy Patalsky the founder of a website dedicated entirely to the healthiest, tastiest, simplest recipes that also happen to be vegan. Her site is my go-to site for healthy and delicious recipes – and to get me out of my own cooking ruts.  I love, love her creative sense of flavor combinations and bright colorful foods.

I first met Kathy five years ago at a special bloggers event at Dole Food Co. in Westlake, California. The event gathered some of the most successful and influential bloggers from around the country in one place for three days of conversation, education and updates on the Dole’s commitment to deliver the best products possible.

I immediately connected with Kathy. Maybe it was her girlish giggle, bright sparkly eyes, infectious enthusiasm or just that she is so real, fun, beautiful and goofy all at the same time. Kathy also happens to be a super successful recipe developer, creator and fantastic chef – and has just launched her second cook book ‘Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen’. Her site is a happy place to visit and a true reflection of Kathy’s sunny personality. What I love most about Kathy is that she is so entirely passionate about what she does. She’s not vegan because it’s the ’thing’ to do. She doesn’t cook, write, speak, or stand for the vegan way of life just to make money. No, Kathy does what she does because she believes in it with all her heart.

About Kathy Patalsky


Welcome and hello!

So, you want to know about little old me, yes? OK. Lets go.

I love sunshine, farmer’s markets, smoothies, frothy matcha lattes, beach days, movie nights, foggy mornings, pink sunsets, animals big and small, travel – anywhere, spa-ing and wannabe-yoga-ing, my amazing girlfriends speckled all across the country, my husband who I married in 2006 on a beach in Miami, my family, my Vitamix, Broadway shows, watching and playing tennis, LA and NYC (both places I have called home), Disneyland (always!) and daydreaming and all things cozy and lovely.

I am proud of the journey I have made with my relationship with food. And I strive endlessly to bring you guys delicious, healthy recipes – recipes that vegans and non-vegans crave, adore and make again and again. My most popular recipe is my sweet potato burgers.

I love animals. Animals are the reason why I will always be vegan. And this little kitty forever lives my heart.

I love and appreciate my parents. My entrepreneurial, endlessly creative, endlessly supportive mother. And my adventure-bound, sunshine-seeking, friends-with-everyone, tennis-loving father.

I was born in 1981. High school class of ’99. Go AHS. I sang in choir, rocked AP English and Creative Writing and adored drama – and any stage I could hop on. Talent show? Yes please! And I totally remember things like VCR’s, beepers, Madonna in her prime, watching Titanic about seven times in theaters (it is still my favorite movie ever) and Justin T. when he was still just my favorite member in *NSYNC. I also remember the first website I ever created in the early 2000’s .. a fan page for 90’s TV shows like Saved by the Bell and Full House. Yup.

I followed that up with a website called Britney’s Comeback. No, I am not kidding. I made it on TMZ folks. Oh and I know all the moves to the “Oops I did it Again” dance.

TMI yet? I think that is what I am suddenly striving for here.

But really all you need to know is that I love creating and sharing vegan food. I love food. I was cooking with my mom in her California kitchen before I could reach the counter, and I was requesting kale as a side dish waaaaay before it was cool.

I adore photography and experimenting with video.

And in my other life I am a screenwriter for some amazing movies. One of them staring Leonardo DiCaprio. Maybe someday. My first script will be a story involving food, no doubt. OK, I have now reached my randomness limit for this page.

So thank you for finding your way to my website, my little cozy, vegan corner on the internet. I hope you will browse, stay a while, find a few inspiring recipes or ideas, leave me a comment and say hello.

I hope my website can bring a bit of health and happiness to your life. Please come back, I am here every day! In my kitchen, spinning and experimenting with fresh ingredients, smoothie in hand, Britney, Broadway, soundtracks or Disney humming on my iTunes, kittens snoozing nearby in a sunbeam-filled corner.

This is my full time gig, creating dishes and discovering food epiphanies all to share with YOU guys. So welcome, thank you and I hope to see a whole lot more of YOU around these parts. So pull up a chair to my kitchen table and lets get cooking.

Lots of love and light and gratitude to YOU,


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