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I can hardly wait to introduce to you this week’s Summer Fling for two reasons.  One, because he is truly one of the hardest working men I know anywhere.  He is tireless, passionate, enthusiastic and loves what he does. He also has the utmost integrity, professionalism, perfectionism, self discipline and creative genius.  Two, because he is one of the funniest people ever.  There is no such thing as not having a good time with him. He makes me laugh to tears without even trying – probably because he is so sincere in what he says, without trying to be funny, he ends up being hilarious. He cares deeply about his friends, his family and the people he works with. He believes in doing what’s right, not what’s easy.  Sound like someone you wanna know?  Good!

I’m pleased to introduce you to Will Armstrong.  

Man, friend, publicist, PR company founder and major dog lover.  Will and I first met years ago when he was working at a boutique PR firm in Los Angeles.  He was my publicist, responsible for bringing awareness to my new Liza Americas Host brand and company via television, magazines and events.  I was crazy about him immediately and knew we would not only work well together but that we were destined to be good friends. Will made work feel like play – which I like, a lot. I was beyond impressed, with his positive energy and how he truly cares about the people he works with.  An impeccable work ethic, no task is too big or small.  This guy gets things done.


Name: WIll Armstrong

Hometown: Medway, Massachusettes

Current Casa: I live in an apartment near Culver City

Day Job: Founder of Will Armstrong Public Relations

If I wasn’t doing this I’d be a: I seriously can’t imagine doing anything else.

If I I met you for lunch I’d already have done:  There is no “ typical day, but I’ll tell you what I did this morning.  

5:30am: alarm. Walk dogs while I check email.  

7am: Head to cross fit. When I get back home, I feed the pups and make breakfast.  I got a new cappuccino machine and it’s been fun to whip up a latte and start my work day.  I work from home and I LOVE it!  I tried really hard to create a beautiful inspiring space.  I set my desk up in my living room right next to my patio door so that I have a nice breeze and a lovely view.  I loaded my patio with beautiful plants and trees and I built an oversized upholstered bench where I can sit and meditate or drink my coffee while I check my ipad.

8:ooam: Once I sit down to work, the first think I do is edit a few articles for my new lifestyle blog Threemorrow.com.  Threemorrow is a trends and lifestyle blog where I can share information I curate from all of my amazing friends who have fantastic news and information to share.  As soon as that’s set, I’ll usually, hit my “To Do” list that I prepared the day before.  Today, I have to follow up on Father’s Day pitches that went out for my Men’s Grooming Line, Das Boom Industries, Book 2 male models for the BlogHer Conference in New York City to help promote Violet Daily, a new suppliment for women. Make arrangements for 2 engagements with PlaqueHD Toothpaste at the Espy and Emmy Awards, Book guests and write the scripts for the podcast Health in Heels with Dr. Lisa, staring Dr. Lisa Masterson, Finalize some potential interviews for celebrity dentist, Dr. Sherri Worth, and work on planning an evnt for the KO’AN Center in Santa Monica to celebrate their recent renovation.  I am also helping the Residences at W Hollywood announce their newest ultra luxury penthouse project.  So yah, I have a lot on my plate but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

9:30am: My assistant arrives. I go over all the action items I need for her to work on, mostly its assisting me with my clients social media accounts.  Usually, we work to promote information about the brand itself, relevant news that ties in with the client’s messaging and other fun posts that can help personalize and personify the brands.

10am-12:00pm: On the phone connecting with my media contacts.  I love pitching my clients but I also like being a useful resource for folks in the media.  Many times, I work as a matchmaker connecting reporters and producers with experts, products, locations and information to help shape their articles and segments and I have to say, I get a rush everytime I’m able to help.

12:00pm: On the way to meet you for lunch, I will take UBER.  It’s seriously the most amazing resource.  Whenever I have to be somewhere in the middle of the day, I call on the Uber App.  Everywhere in LA takes 30 minutes, I actually get a lot done while on route.  I would much rather respond to emails and texts from the back seat and arrive at my location safetly, rather than being tempted to glance at my phone while I’m driving.  

Fun Facts about me: Before starting my own Public Relations business I lived in Tokyo, went to the School of Visual Arts in NYC and was a Dancer on Brodway in the revival of 42nd Street.

Life is better when: I am helping people.

What makes me a great publicist: I love what I do.  It’s such an exciting career only limited by my creativity.  My job is to get the world excited about my clients and the work they are doing.  A long time ago, I decided that I couldn’t limit myself to a “job description.” In this day and age, we have to be as flexiable as possible, ready to do what needs to be done to come through for our clients.  I also choose accounts and clients that I respect and believe in.  Nothing is worse than pitching something you’re not excited about. You see, I can’t lie.  Don’t believe me?  Play poker with me sometime. You’ll walk away a winner.

My favorite game is: OK!  There is a game I just found, it’s called Love Letters.  It’s a stragety card game where players try to earn the favor of a princess by collecting tokens of her affection.  It’s available at Barnes and Nobel in the card game section and it’s pretty addictive. 

I know I’ve had too much to drink when: I start offering to do things for people without consulting my schedule.  If you need someone to help you move a couch, find me the night before at a party.

The person I worshipped as a teenager: Gene Kelly, Fred Astair and Donald Oconner.  I loved old movie musicals and I thought that these guys amazing!

The last trip I took: I went camping on Memorial Day to Lake Arrowhead.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the outdoors but, It was cold, rainy and miserable.  Picture me in a ten with 2 other people and 4 dogs.  I was on a mountain but also in hell.

My 5 top party guests are: I feel like I should mention dignataries, celebrities or people like that, but really, My guest list is simple.  It would be my boyfriend Bill, he is the most charming, intellegent and lovely person I know and we always have fun together.  the other four guests would have to be my two sisters Joan and Karen they are both on the East Coast taking care of their large familes and I don’t get to see them enough, my neice Brittany who has grown up to be a remarkable woman and a successful make-up artist with my sense of humor and the effervescent and beautiful Liza Utter of course.

I love when my friends: Seriously, I have some amazing friends!  Some I see all the time, some I see once in a while and some I hardly ever get to see.  But when we are together, it’s like no time has passed and we step right in to having fun and enjoying eachother’s company.

The last dinner party I hosted: I had my good friends over last weekend to celebrate my buddy David’s UCLA final.

What I cooked: BBQ Chicken Breasts, Grilled Vegtable Kabobs and Chocolate Cake.

Words I live by: I love the word YES!  Seriously, is there a better word?  I don’t think so. 

Website:  Will-Armstrong.com   and Threemorrow.com

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