Start Your New Year Right, This Way!

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As we recover from the holidays, sift through our blessings and marvel at how yet another year has flown by, we enter a new one. A new year filled with ripe possibilities, opportunities and experiences that will guide us on a journey of uncharted waters.

Where are you going? What is your desire, how will you get there?  Have you been thinking about how this next year will be different?  What will you do to improve, change, ditch, alter, grow? This is the true gift of a new year.  A chance to start over – a clean slate given to us every year so that we humans may have yet another chance to fulfill our hearts song and play in it’s melody on this beautiful earthly playground.

This New Year I will continue to grow my company and it’s message – that we are much happier and healthier when we are meaningfully connected to people that matter to us – whether it be through a simple dinner for two, a family meal or a blow out party, my heart is happiest when I know that I have played a part in helping to bring people to-gather.

I will look for new ways, collaborations and resources to bring you ideas, inspirations, recipes and valuable advice on creating more time for you to enjoy lighthearted and meaningful fun with the ones you love to be with.  I will continue to support, share and grow all our efforts to take care of the planet and make sure we are all here to party, play, and gather for a long, long time. Most of all, I will uphold my dedication to you in only sharing that which I truly believe in.

…thank you for helping me write the first few lines of my new chapter.  

What will yours say?

Happy New Year!  

Love and gratitude,

Liza heart


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