A Spring-Centric Playlist For Your Next Party, Thanks Kinfolk Magazine!

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We’re quickly inching toward BBQ weather. Aaaaaaannnnd any entertaining pro knows a fete is hardly complete without a stellar rotation of foot-tapping tunes. Whether your plans are to soak up some sun at the beach or host a backyard bash, you know great music is key.

A thoughtful playlist set to your gathering adds layers upon layers of good vibes, happy times, groovy mood or a relaxed and easy flow.  It gives your guests an instant impression and gets everyone synched up for the experience as soon as they walk through your door. Think of it as the soundtrack to your life – how do you want the scene to play?

Never underestimate the impact of the playlist – have you ever watched a movie without the music?  It’s weird, awkward and kind of empty.  Don’t let this happen to your party.

Lately I’ve been loving this pack of songs from our friends at Kinfolk Magazine, so I’m sharing the love here. Take a listen and feel free to put this playlist on for your next spring/summer shindig!

Rock on!  XO ~ L

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