Sip Savor & Sparkle New Years Party

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Sip Savor & Sparkle New Years Party

Have you heard the saying “what you do on New Years Eve will be the theme for your next year“? If you haven’t, it can bring a whole new meaning to your big night aaaaaand it’s a refreshing and fun twist on old traditions. I love this saying for two reasons:

1) on a holiday where there is so much pressure to ‘out-do’ yourself, create an epic event, or be at the most raging party, this outlook helps take the pressure off by focusing on doing what is most meaningful to you – it helps steer you in the right direction and keeps you focused on what’s really important.

2) Rather than focusing on saying goodbye to last year – you get to have fun custom designing the next, whether you’re at the craziest blow out party or celebrating at home, by consciously and deliberately doing what you want your new year to be about- you’re  already living it. What’s really cool, it works.

Start your New Year by throwing a ‘Sip, Savor and Sparkle’ party:

Sip‘ on Champagne, the ultimate symbol of celebration {bring on the celebrations!}.

Savor‘ delicious food and treasured time with those you love.

Sparkle‘ and shine in your most festive and fancy holiday clothes {get ready to be in the spotlight this year!} Whether you invite 2 or 20 this festive theme of celebration, friendship and star power will set you and your friends up for the best year yet!



‘Sip Savor & Sparkle’ party! 

This party works well as a stand up or sit down party. The menu is designed to make it easy on the host and the guests – yes, lets make this year all about flowing easily – by contributing the foods they most love to ‘savor’ to the feast. Selecting champagne as the star of the night not only sets the stage for celebration, but you can let your guests to have fun designing their own signature champagne cocktail. Tip: Stock up on champagne and sparkling wine at a large retailer like BEVMO – truly the best place not only for great value and variety but they’ll be sure to have plenty of the champagne you chose in stock.

Designate a DIY Champagne Bar complete with ice buckets, glasses (I love to mix and match champagne glasses), cloth cocktail napkins (a great host/ess gift – hint hint) and all the fixins. Check out these great ideas I found via evite – from champagne glass decor, buying tips and champagne cocktail recipes to adding a little ‘bling’ to your bottle they’re ready to help you party! Evite’s New Year’s Eve Champagne Guide

DIY Champagne Cocktails – load up on blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and pears place them in individual bowls for guest to pick from. Break out some colorful rimming sugars {the stuff you rim your glass with like salt on a margarita}, and stock up on flavored vodkas like vanilla vodka, citron or pear…did you know Stoli makes a salted caramel flavored – yes they do! I saw it at BEVMO – you can always order on line and save yourself a trip 😉

Ask everyone bring their favorite decadent and delicious dish to share from an appetizer to a dessert – keep track of who’s bringing what so you don’t end up with too much sweets or savory. It’s a real treat to experience what your friends most love to eat as well as it makes for fun conversation as everyone goes round explaining why they picked the dish they brought. On New year’s Eve my customers at The Beach House restaurant used to go crazy for our rich and totally decadent ‘Mighty Mac ‘n Cheese’. Made with four white cheeses and truffle oil, this is the perfect pillow for toppings like lobster, pancetta, shaved truffles, crab….pick your favorite and devour! Get the recipe for ‘Mighty Mac ‘n Cheese’ here.

Get everyone dressed up, dolled up and glammed up! …oh and don’t forget to take lots of pictures – throw some confetti in the air and snap away, everyone will look fantastic!…plus you’re going to want a reminder of the night your best year ever started!

Put together a playlist of all your favorite upbeat, happy and dance worthy music from the last year – you can even throw in a few classics like Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ and ‘Auld Lang Syne’ {the New Years Eve song that no one knows what their singing about} translates literally from old Scottish dialect meaning ‘Old Long Ago’ and is about love and friendship in times past.

Whether you’re going out or staying in this New Year’s Eve –

take a little time to think forward and get ready to fill your night with all the gifts, blessings, abundance, special friends and fun-loving joy you can handle – you deserve it!

…and please drive responsibly and safely so we can celebrate next year together too.

XO ~ L

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