Rick Bayless Top Entertaining Tips

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Rick Bayless Top Entertaining Tips

If you don’t know about Rick Bayless, you should – especially if you like guacamole {Rick shares some delicious guacamole twists in the interview} .  He is chef/ host of the award winning show,  Mexico: One Plate at a Time, on PBS.  He has written more than 12 cook books, owns several hugely successful restaurants,  including Red-O in Los Angeles, Frontera Grill and more.  He even created a play, for Chicago theater, taking audiences on a foodie adventure….and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Meeting Rick for the first time, I was most impressed by how comfortable he is in his own skin, nice.  His natural ease and warmth makes for a fun interview and someone you just want to hang out with.  I love his take on entertaining, his colorful palate, and his enthusiasm for the robust flavors in Mexican cuisine. Which brings me back to why you need to know more about Rick Bayless – He whole heartedly loves food.

Using the best quality ingredients, he is passionate about making the guest’s experience the absolute best it can be. All this translates to his hugely successful restaurants, TV shows, cook books and his tips for what makes a great party.

Watch here as Rick talks entertaining and shares his favorite go-to menu, hottest cocktail recipe and secret to making his guests feel welcome. Enjoy!


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