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I am in LOVE with olives. No really, I love them! I love everything about them. I even love olive trees.  Is there a more perfect fruit?  Did you know that they are technically a fruit – yup. They have a pit, but they are considered a vegetable because of how they’re used.   Have you ever tasted one right from the tree?  I haven’t.  But I would imagine they are plump, sweet and crunchy….hmmmmn must put that on the to-do list.

Since ancient times the olive has been associated with peace, fertility, strength, victory, glory and sanctity. The olive tree symbolizes wisdom, wealth and balance. That’s some pretty powerful stuff for a little round thing – and explains a lot when it comes to why this mighty force has withstood the test of time as part of our kitchen staples for hundreds of years.

Olives are this week’s #Pop-UpParty pick. A super easy, healthy, fun, tasty and chic idea for a gathering: O – L – I – V – E – S, an entertainers dream. Plus all those facts I just rambled off, this makes for some  interesting party conversation too. Check out more cool olive trivia and history here.

#PopUpParty Instructions:

Shopping List:

Olives – Pick up an assortment of gourmet olives each in their own individual container.

Olive Oil – Grab 1 large bottle of plain high quality extra Virgin olive oil and a bottle of aged balsamic

Fresh Herbs – Get  fresh tarragon, basil, garlic, oregano and rosemary.

Chili Flakes – adds a little heat with these guys

French bread – Swing by the bread section and pick up a loaf of fresh french bread make sure its nice and soft on the inside.

Wine – pick up a couple bottles of wine, red;  bordeaux style or pinot noir and white; Chardonnay or Viogner

Set Up:

1. Place olives in small bowls and fill halfway with olive oil. olivebar

2. Pour olive oil into 3 more smaller bowls, fill 3/4 of the way. In one bowl of olive oil add three sprigs of tarragon, the second bowl add 3 cloves garlic and 3 rough chopped basil leaves, the third bowl add half tsp chili flakes, oregano and rosemary.

3. Add 2 pinches of sea salt and 3 grinds of the pepper mill to each bowl

4. Cut bread into cubes or small rounds and transfer to a bread basket / serving bowl

3. Set up on a rolling bar cart, counter, table or trays with small plates, cocktail napkins, and wine glasses

**Nice touch: warm the bread and the olives before serving – warm olives are divine!

Now go call your friends, neighbors, besties. Cue the playlist.  Go get dressed.  Put on some dangly earrings. Flash that thousand watt smile and say H-e-l-l-o to happy.

Liza’s #PartyTrick: A link to one of my favorite one-stop online shops for gourmet products like olive oil, walnut oil, sherry vinegar, saffron, truffle salt…..no traffic, no parking, no wasted time, Oh my!!  Right here – Gourmet Delights

XO ~ L

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