New Discovery: Make Kids’ Lunches a Party!

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Did your mom ever write you notes in your lunchbox? Isn’t it amazing how you can still recall that special feeling.  The feeling of excitement of a surprise note, that someone was thinking of you, a connection to the ones you love most in the middle of the day. That feeling of being loved  – every kid deserves that.  Yet, as a busy mom I know how little time there is in the morning to whip up breakfast, get dressed and throw lunches together. Sometimes my kids are lucky to be dressed and have a lunch at all let alone get a special note.  Luckily, I discovered these fun little Lunch Lines from Paper Source which are sure to give my kids a chuckle at lunch time. They are silly little one liners that you tear out and include with their PB+J.

Liane_shannan-01The little lunch line book also make for cool party favors and kids birthday party hostess gifts.  The more kids to share the laughs the better – now that’s a party!

While we’re on the subject of Party – some of my family’s all time favorite lunch snacks are made by two amazing moms that I happen to know and adore.  These women are on a mission to make kids snacks as tasty and fun as possible without the bad stuff: no trans fat, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, nothing artificial.  They are organic, non GMO and gluten free. Tasty  brand snacks are striking a cord with modern day mamas who are committed to instilling good food choices in their kids, but also value good old fashioned sweet treats that put a smile on precious faces without the cost.  And if you’re too busy to shop, check them out online and get them delivered to your door. PS. The fruit juice gummy packs make for great piñata stuffers!

And if you haven’t discovered Weelicious yet, its also a fabulous site full of easy, healthy and fun ideas to keep lunch fun, healthy and tasty too!


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