‘Little Ducks’ Top 10 Organic Picks for Babies & Kids

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Here you go moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers.  A complete list of products to ensure that you are not only taking care of your baby/child  but you are doing your part in making sure the planet is a nice place to live when she or he grows up. Plant based diapers – how awesome is that.  Guess what else, when you grow up with conscious parents who care for and protect the Earth, you become an adult who cares for and protects the earth.
Here’s to you amazing parents out there!
XO ~ L

From the team of the Little Ducks, print this out, give to friends, share {use the buttons above} with everyone you know.
BONUS: they make for terrific gifts!


TINY FRUITS :  Our own product is one of our faves, obviously! We really do eat our snacks on the regs. All of us. It’s as important as eating an apple a day. Did you know our Tiny Fruits have no added sugar? They are just fruit.

QUINN POPCORN : Not only do we share an office space with this super cool gang, but our founder and CEO Zak’s kiddos could crush a bag of Parmesan Rosemary Quinn’s faster than it takes it to cook. Whenever the kids are the in office, we always make a bag or two for snack time.

LA PETIT ORGANICS : This NYC-based homemade baby food delivery service is one we recommend to local friends and family members with babies. And, if there is ever any of their Squash + Sweet Potato in the fridge, we may grab a spoon and dig in. What? It’s just pureed organic veggies and filtered water!

PAPER OR PLASTIC : SUSTY PARTY PAPER STRAWS : Susty is another Brooklyn-based friend of ours – their paper straws are the best eco-friendly addition to any birthday party. Plus, they up the cool factor of any photo because, well, they just look really cool!

PRESERVE BPA-FREE CONTAINERS : Not only does this container make you feel cool about bringing your lunch to work, it is exclusively for sandwiches – can you be any more prepared? But it is BPA-free and made from recycled materials. Gillian likes to give these as gifts to her pals who pack lunches for little muchkins daily.

THINKBABY BENTO BOX : The BPA-free, stainless steel lining of this product puts Charlee at ease about using it to store snacks for her little one…once her little one is old enough to eat said snacks!
LUNCHSKINS: We don’t like to use plastic baggies around here. The idea of using something just once doesn’t feel right. That’s why we love packing sandwiches and snacks in these BPA-free, made in the USA reusable sandwich bags. Plus, they come in really cool prints like lizard, shark and bright stripes. These are great for school lunches for the little ones!


BECO BABY CARRIER : If you’re like us, you like to keep things super green, all day, every day. So when it came time to pick out a baby carrier for Kristy, she had to go for the most eco-friendly baby carrier out there. Beco even makes an organic carrier! We like it in black, because—you know—it’s edgy.

ADEN AND ANAIS SWADDLE BLANKETS : These absolutely adorable and 100% natural cotton muslin swaddles are so clutch for baby mamas – and daddies! They come it really great patterns, and the more you wash them, the softer they get. And, we’ve washed ours a lot. So, that’s right, folks—really soft.

THE HONEST COMPANY : PLANT-BASED DIAPERS: Charlee, our North East Regional Sales Manager
and mother to Tullach, is totally hooked on all things Honest Company. We can’t get over how chic some of their eco-friendly diaper designs are. I mean-leopard? Coolest kiddo in the sand box? Yes.

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