Life Is A Highway – Party On!

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When you hit the road do you ever have the urge to just keep driving? Well you’re not alone.

Especially during these gorgeous Summer months – a gift and reminder from mother nature to seize the days before they grow shorter and the nights colder again.  There’s something about a road trip that makes one feel  alive, independent and frees the soul.  Have you ever driven up the California coast on Highway 101?  How about through Yosemite, Yellowstone, Moab? How about the East coast of Connecticut, Maine or Virginia to see the Fall leaves change.  Our country is magical and driving through it will make you proud to live here.

Driving gives one a chance to see the country from a totally different perspective too – the beauty of the small towns, charming neighborhoods and delightful people. Like one big party, a road trip can be an opportunity to open your world, your heart and let in new experiences that last a lifetime. Best of all it’s an easy way to get back to basics, simplify life and bust up the routine with everything you need in the back of the camper or car. Indeed  Life is a Highway – Party On!

And if these dreamy campers don’t inspire you to hit the highway then check out the USA Today link of the ‘Best US Road Trips’

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