How To Throw A Memorable Oscar Party

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How To Throw A Memorable Oscar Party

The key to throwing a memorable Oscar party is:  inspiring your guests to stay focused and interested in an award show that can span over three hours – aye.  Never fear, it can be done with these simple tips to help get your guests invested and excited about hearing the words “and the winner is” no matter how long the goes on.

The first place to start is with you, the host:

  • To ensure your party’s success, be realistic about how much time, energy and resources you have to work with – this keeps the party manageable without the fear of overextending yourself.  Most importantly it helps you to remain a joyful and authentic host.
  • After you assess what you are truly are up to versus all the great ideas in your head – you can now determine who you want to invite. Advice: limit your list to folks who genuinely love movies and Hollywood’s biggest night of the year – this keeps the party spirit authentic and sustained throughout the evening.

Next, when planning your menu remember one thing: keep it simple, tasty and abundant. Prep as much as you can ahead of time. Stews, chili, skewers and soups  are perfect for this kind of occasion. Toss up a delicious salad and you’re good to go.

As for dessert,  bake some cupcakes and hide a movie token in one of them. Right before they announce Best Picture, hand out the cupcakes. Whoever gets the cupcake with the token gets to split the winner’s pot! (See #10 below) It’s a fun way to  keep your guests interested until the end.

Now for some of my favorite Oscar Party tips:

1. Send – out Oscar themed evite or mail mini Oscars (make it easy and shop Oriental Trading Co party supplies: with an envelope with the saying “and the winner is” printed on front. Inside is the guests name on the front and on back are the party details. Or check out The Oscar Online Invitations – and send them right from the Oscars, they’re free!

2. Request – everyone to see at least the films nominated for Best Picture – that way the party starts way before your guests arrive and creates a sense of anticipation.

3. Create – signature cocktails named after Best Picture films;  ‘The Martian’ , ‘The Big Short’, ‘Mad Max’ –  “Hi would you like to start off with a ‘Danish Girl’.

4. Go – to your local fabric store and pick up some red carpet and gold ropes leading to the party room. It doesn’t have to be long – 6 feet will do.  For fun you can run the carpet right from the drive or curb.

5.  Paparazzi – Let friends pose and snap photos of everyone’s arrival. Props like Oscar Trophys, oversized sunglasses, boas, set the fun and playful mood – be sure to post the next day!

6. Keep party focused in the room where you’ll be viewing the Oscar.

7. Set up – your food and drinks on a self serve buffet table or serving trays around the viewing room.

8. Make – a giant batch of stove top popcorn and sprinkle with season salt, Provencal herbs or truffle salt for a “I can’t stop eating it!” movie style night.

9. Download ballots – have them printed and rolled in a scroll with pens, as each guests arrive they must fill out there ballot before they enter the party room.

10. Have everyone make a generous donation into a pot to go to the winner with the most wins on their ballot. The more enticing the pot, the more interested the players.

11. Create comfortable seating with extra pillows, floor pillows and chairs for your guests – making it easy for them to sit back and relax and want to stay to the end.

12. Keep – nibbles and drinks close by so guests don’t miss out on a classic Oscar moment.

13. Lighting – dim the lights so the TV screen becomes the main attraction.

14. Most importantly – leave time to take care of yourself – take a shower, turn on the music, breathe and focus on being present. Because once your guests arrive it’s time for you to let-go, have fun and be the Life of the Party!


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