7 Secrets to Everlasting Beauty

7 Secrets To Everlasting Beauty

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How is it that a bald cancer patient can glow with such an intense inner light that it brightens the darkest hospital room? How is it that a seasoned traveler, with as many lines on her face as the millions of frequent flier miles she’s racked up, have the most fantastic sparkle behind her eyes rivaling the brightest of shimmering seas.

How is that exquisite physical beauty becomes harsh, deformed, and even repulsive when the beholder turns malicious or venomous.

And why, why does age really have nothing to do with beauty?

Answer: because beauty, truly does come from within.

Real beauty, the everlasting kind, no matter how old you are, what kind of car you drive, the cleanse you’re on, the size of your wallet, waistline or lips – is an energy. An energy that feeds off of how we feel about ourselves and how we express that in the world. You cannot fake it, buy it, or cheat it. This energy is truthful and authentic. It reveals the deepest most vulnerable part of ourselves, the core of who we are, and there lives your beauty. Which is why when we don’t feel good, we don’t feel beautiful – no matter what anyone else says or how many compliments we get. When you do feel good, watch out – the sky’s the limit, the world is your oyster. Your radiance shines through your eyes, skin, lips – your entire being. You become the most deliciously stunning and bewitching creature to behold.

The 7 Secrets To Everlasting Beauty…

1. Self Respect

Being respectful of others is of course an admirable quality, but more importantly, we must always respect ourselves. Once we genuinely respect who we are, our potential, and the dreams we dare to dream, we then gain strength to refuse to be treated disrespectfully by others who may wish to pigeon-hole, stereotype or discriminate against us – the amount we respect ourselves = the strength to fulfill ourselves.

2. Integrity

The first ingredient necessary to acquire integrity is to know what we value, what we wish to protect, encourage and cultivate. Integrity involves standing up or speaking out when it isn’t the popular thing to do, but rather the right thing to do. It means you are clear about what you can and cannot tolerate, and you in your own way, stand up for your values. Having integrity means staying true to your word, being honest, telling the truth and treating others as you would prefer to be treated – integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

3. Compassion

Choose to live in such a way that you are considerate of others feelings and choose to help, not to gain something in return, but to simply offer yourself, your time, and your resources when you can. Compassion also involves placing yourself in others’ shoes, doing your best to understand how they might be feeling. While compassion involves tough love, most importantly, it involves love. Be especially compassionate with yourself too.

4. Applied Wisdom

Regardless of where we go to school, who are parents are or where we grow up, knowledge is available for us to grab if we choose to look. Inner beauty suggests an inner strength to do what may not be expected, but what we wish for ourselves. When we take knowledge and apply it to improve our lives and the world around us, our inner beauty shines.

5. Perpetual Curiosity And Passion

In order to continually gain wisdom, remain forever passionate and curious. Ask questions, listen to those with more wisdom, try new things, travel, read – simply be aware that the world if full of lessons to be learned and magical experiences to enjoy.

6. Not Being A Pleaser

While being compassionate and kind, it can be quite easy to become someone who is ready to give or agree to any demand in order to please those we live with or work with. Consciously decide not to be a pleaser or a push-over simply to avoid confrontation or out of fear, but instead be strong enough to reveal who you are and what you can and cannot do. Take a stand, set boundaries and dig deep for your inner strength.

7. Flawed Not Frozen

Often the knowledge that we are not perfect stands in the way of treating ourselves with respect and requiring others to do the same . No one is perfect. Every one has made mistakes, and we will continue to make mistakes as long as we are dedicated to continuing our personal growth. Hold a big space in your heart for self love. Be kind, compassionate and tender. Accept the past, be determined to learn the lesson, and then respect yourself and your one life to move forward with integrity and determination.Remember:  We were not made to be perfect, we were made to be real

May you continue to shine your bright, sparkly, everlasting light for all to see..YOU are beautiful!     XO ~ L

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