How Do I Love Thee? Sweet & Sexy Valentines Day Ideas

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How Do I Love Thee? Sweet & Sexy Valentines Day Ideas

There is a statistic that shows men out spend women by far when it comes to Valentines day, even though they think the holiday is too commercial.  What does that say? I’m not quite sure, but what I do know is there is a tremendous amount of pressure to create something big for the love in your life and somehow that = spending big bucks.

I know, I used to see it every year in my restaurant – couples coming in two by two, for the prefix menu, champagne and sweet heart dessert. There were proposals, gifts, tears of joy, fights, more champagne, cards, make ups, singing telegrams – you name it.  But the one thing that always struck me – no one seemed all that happy?  The guys seemed stressed, the women anxious – really, is this what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Maybe it is too commercial, a Hallmark holiday for the consumer, but I like to think of it as fun, no pressure, no expectations kind of occasion.  Just a mindset of showing the one you love, whether it be a partner, friend, children, or yourself, how you feel.

Saying the three little words ‘I love you’  is the easy part – but how do you show your love? Maybe if we focus on the little things, the kind acts, thoughtful gestures, sweet surprises, love notes and lower the expectations and start focusing on the person instead of the stuff, it will create an opening for genuine loving feelings to flow freely and passionately with out the big expensive price tag.

I’ve put together some ideas for you that don’t necessarily require an AmEx or pin code – just a well intentioned soul interested in giving something that lasts forever: a meaningful connection to the one you love.

 After all, coming from the heart is the true origin of romance.

Take a peek at these great Pinspiration ideas to jump start your heart and get your day of LOVE flowing.


love, Liza

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