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Hola Amigas & Amigos – It’s Fiesta Time!

Cinco De Mayo has got to be one of the best holidays – I think of it as the day we celebrate guacamole, friends and tequila!

Actually this day we celebrate Mexico’s, the ‘underdog’,  victory over the magnfique French who were trying to steal zee Mexican’s terrioir – Ole! The Mexicans won the battle, defeated the frogs and the tequila flowed.

A huge holiday in the US, Cinco de Mayo is barely recognized in Mexico, whaaaaaaat??? – it seems us gringos just love an underdog story – and tequila.

A casual, cut loose, have fun, eat tons of guacamole, super chill kind of day – it gives us all permission to gather some friends together simply for the sake of having a good time – no pressure. Something we (I) could all use a lot more of in our lives.

So how about putting your work aside (it will still be there manana) and calling some friends to play.

I’ve made it easy for you.  Below is one of my favorite all time menus. It’s super tasty and easy to make, with the recipes – just scroll over the menu item and click for the recipe. Of course if you want to make even more time for fun and have fabulous friends who want to pitch in (keep them around) assign one of the dishes below and call it a day.

 To mix it up I added a ‘Sizzling Mojito’ recipe given to me by celebrity chef Rick Bayless in an interview I did with him at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival – it might just make you a believer.  But if you can’t bare the thought of celebrating Cinco de Mayo without a proper margarita, I’ve got you covered.  My Scratch Margarita, aka the ‘clean Margarita’, is the best margarita this side of Cabo.

There’s even a printable versions of all the menu items to take to the store with you – how easy is that!


Scratch Margaritas

Cilantro Lime Sauce {for your fish tacos}

Sizzling Mojito

Tulum Guacamole

Cilantro Lemon Lime Popsicles

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