Harper Bazaar’s Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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No time to shop? Too late to order online?  No worries, we’ve got you covered. Some of the best costumes are the ones that come from your own closet, original and creative, you’re definitely not going to run into anyone at the party else wearing the same thing. 

Besides,  It’s fun to look at your clothes in a new light.  That cardigan and pencil skirt – very Mad Men. What about the high waisted flair jeans, platforms and silky blouse – very Farrah, don’t forget the white strips for that gleaming smile.  Over the knee boots, fur vest and denim skirt – we’re talking major ’70’s.  

We turned to our friends at Harper’s Bazaar for a little last minute Halloween Costume inspo and to show us how to pull it all together in a snap!

Harper's Bazaar

1) EMPIRE All Your Leopard Clothing + Fur Coat + Hoop Earrings + Red Lipstick = Cookie Lyon

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