For the Little Bunnies This Easter

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Lets face it, besides the deeper feeling behind Easter, E A S T E R is for the kids! It’s a holiday that brings little’s together  for the sake of a crazy fun day, with license to gorge themselves on sugar, candy, chocolate and peeps, crash into a sugar coma and spastic overstimulated oblivion. Woohoo, sign me up for that! Ha! – been there done that with our little monsters – which is exactly what they become the second the Easter Egg hunt begins and little brother becomes an annoying obstacle on the carnage trail the faster older bunnies have left behind. I’m sure this isn’t a news flash, but sugar can make kids nuts! Which is why we are saving ours from themselves by making Easter activities the main attraction.

Here are some of the Easter fun and games that will be upstaging the glucose fix at our house.

1. Seal the flap of an envelope, and draw bunny ears on the sealed side, as shown below. You can draw your own or use our bunny ear template.

2. Cut along the line through both layers of the envelope.

3. Flip the envelope over; what was the side of the envelope becomes the bottom of your treat holder.

4. Cut pink construction paper to make eyes and insides of ears, and glue them on the front of the envelope. Use colored pencil for mouth; glue on a pom-pom nose. Fill with yummy Easter sweets.

unnamed (5)


Think beyond the Easter egg hunt and set up fun kids’ activities, like an Egg Relay Race. First, turn your backyard into a racetrack. Divide kids into two teams. At one end of the yard, mark a starting line for each team with a set of balloons tied to a stake that you have driven into the ground. At the other end, drive a stake with another set of balloons into the ground for each team. Have the teams stand behind their starting lines, and give every kid a plastic spoon and each team only one egg. The kids who are first in line should place the team’s egg in their spoon and hold the handle in their teeth. At the blow of a whistle, they must race to their team’s other set of balloons, around it, and back, passing off the egg to the next teammate in line (it’s okay to use hands for this). If an egg falls to the ground, it can be picked up and placed back in the spoon. The first team to have all of its members finish the course wins the game.

unnamed (4)


See whose egg doesn’t crack. Give each kid a hard-boiled egg, then divide into pairs. At the starting signal, kids smash the eggs’ small ends together. The kids with unbroken shells advance to the next round. Whoever has the last uncracked egg wins.

LIZA easter2-05

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