Hands Down The BEST Guacamole Ever – Tulum Guacamole

I thought I could whip up a pretty darn good guacamole – that is until I went to Tulum, a little beach side town in Mexico, where I was humbled and gained 10 pounds – all of it from eating guacamole for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yup, it was that good!  Best part is it is so simple  it’s ridiculous…so here we go!


Cut avocados in half lengthwise and remove the pits

Scoop out the avocado meat into a large mixing bowl

Mash avocados together lightly with a fork until chunky.
** Liza ‘s Tip:  If you mash the avocados too much in the beginning then by the time you finish mixing in all the ingredients the guacamole will lose it’s meaty texture and become drippy.

Mix in salt and pepper

Next add in onions

Add cilantro

Mix in tomatoes (you add them last so they don’t get mushy with all the mixing)

Last, squeeze 1/2 lime over top and add a pinch of Sea Salt

Scoop up a big bite with a  corn chip and smile 🙂

There you have it!!  Enjoy and be prepared to have to loosen your pants ha ha!

**Note:  As with all great meals, the ‘greatness’ is determined by the quality and freshness of your produce.  Because this recipe does not hide the avocados behind a lot of extra seasonings, it’s important to start off by using good quality avocados – if they too soft and brown they are over ripe and will have a charcoal/burnt flavor – if they are hard and not yet ripe the texture will be grainy and the flavor bland. So if there are no good avocados to be found – forgo the guacamole and go for a fresh pico de gallo with corn chips instead. Remember, when it comes to hosting, it’s the quality that counts!

List of

Serves 6-8

5-6 Avocados – preferably Haas

1/2 Chopped yellow onion

1 1/4 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Pepper

1/2 cup washed, dried and ripped cilantro
**Note: only rip if the leaves are bigger than a dime, otherwise no need

2 1/2 cups grape tomatoes halved
**Note: You can use the larger cherry tomatoes and cut them in quarters – but the grape tomatoes pack the most punch when it comes to flavor!

1/2 lime