Fast, Healthy & Fun Breakfast, Anytime! – “Ducks on a Pond”

Feast Good Morning

My favorite BREAKFAST to serve my friends, family HOUSE GUESTS is a little something I whipped up out of pure desperation to make breakfast exciting & fun! It’s called “Ducks on a Pond.” My criteria for any recipe are FAST, HEALTHY & FUN – this not only nails all three but also happens to be a BEAUTIFUL presentation!

Okay, so here’s the real story: One morning while my better-half was on a business trip, my dear little kindergartner and preschooler just couldn’t seem to pull themselves together. I had to create a diversion from their wardrobe drama, sudden assertion that pre-school wasn’t fun, and my explaining why “you can’t wear your curtains to school!” On second thought, the diversion was for me. I quickly went to my “happy” place in the kitchen and managed to tune out the blood curdling screams, ranting and meltdowns…oy!! I proceeded to stab a hole in a piece of bread with a water glass, toss it in a hot frying pan, crack an egg, flip it over and slide it onto the plates. I announced that there were ducks swimming on the plates in the kitchen – the kids came running and voila – Ducks on a Pond!

It just so happens that this was and still is one of my favorite quick meals…and thanks to my kids, it is also one of the most requested recipes from my house guests. Now I share it with YOU!

Click here for the full recipe!


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