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Besides the tourists leaving, the relief of heavy traffic and perpetual smell of sunscreen, something magical happens every fall in Malibu – I know, I know, we certainly don’t have dramatic seasons on the West Coast – but if you dig a little deeper, you will see what we do have – and that is a bounty of beautiful, rich, healthy vegetables beginning in late September thru October.


Farm fresh organic vegetables on rustic wooden blue table backgroundFrom Heirloom eggplants and tomatoes, to pumpkins, squash and white corn, there is a cornucopia of gourds and harvest vegetables to choose from at our local farmer’s market and farms. These wonderful offerings mark the transition from summer’s sweet and refreshing fruits to fall’s earthy and soulful flavors. As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, my cooking begins to reflect the welcomed changes, as subtle as they may be, of our Malibu harvest season.

Some must try Malibu restaurants that I love and cook seasonally and use hyper-local farms are MalibuFarm at the Malibu Pier, OLLO  and Tra Di Noi in the Malibu Country Mart.

Fall in Malibu also means getting to know our local wines.  Malibu has become a booming vineyard town offering more than 40 vineyards within a ten minute drive. With private estate wines popping up all over the Santa Monica mountains, a fun way to spend an Autumn afternoon here is driving around discovering new wines,  just don’t forget the picnic basket!

The harvest tradition of picking the grapes, then crushing and bottling your own wine comes alive with ‘Harvest’  celebrations and festivities during the fall. The parties are spectacular and quite the scene as most of the vineyards are celebrity owned. Malibu Family WinesRosenthal Vineyards and Hoyt Family Vineyards are some of my personal favorites. If you’re in the SoCal area I encourage you to come check them out for yourself.

So as Malibu returns to our snoring sleepy town and the mass exodus of summer visitors from all over the world is long gone, I always look forward to the leaves changing from green to – less green and Fall-ing in love with Malibu.  XO L

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