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5 Expert Tips For Planning A Baby Shower

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If you’re Hosting a baby shower anytime soon or know someone who is – you want to read this first.  CBS asked me to share my top 5  tips to throwing a memorable baby shower:

The art of hosting a baby shower is not hard to master if you know what you’re doing and aren’t afraid to ask for help. No matter what kind of baby shower you are planning, the key is making sure that everyone has a good time, especially the mother-to-be. This includes good food, tasty drinks and fun games anyone can play. Just ask an expert!

Liza Utter has planned and hosted dozens of baby showers for celebrities, musicians and regular soon-to-be moms. Here, Liza shares few of her expert tips for hosting a fun and successful baby shower of your own.


1. Always mind the pregnant mama first and foremost.

Liza recommends always checking with the mother first before you get too invested in your initial baby shower plans. “It doesn’t matter how cute your party favors are – if the mother-to-be is uncomfortable or not happy, then the party is a bust,” says the master host. Always keep her needs in mind and make sure she agrees to your plans before you carry them out. After that, leave her out of it until the day of the shower when she gets to enjoy it, because chances are she’s got a to-do list of her own getting ready for the baby’s arrival. It takes a huge load off her shoulders knowing that you are completely in charge of the baby shower.

 2. Divide and conquer.

Often times baby shower hosts decide to do all the party planning themselves to keep party expenses to a minimum but soon realize they are in over their heads dealing with all the details. “Many of these hostess call me panicked when they realize they’ve taken on more than they bargained for and need help solving problems that could have been avoided with some simple professional planning tips and guidance,” says Liza, who offers baby shower hosts 911 phone consultations for all of their party planning questions and dilemmas before, during and after the baby shower. If you want to avoid these kinds of emergency situations, then ask for help. Liza’s expert hosting advice is to make a master list of everything that needs to be done beforehand and ask for commitments to help out right away from reliable friends. Delegate the responsibilities by asking people to pick from the list what they would like to handle.  Whether it’s making invitations, setting up the food table, calling caterers, creating a menu, organizing the shower games, party favors, to cleaning up afterwards.

3. Keep the baby shower short and sweet.

Liza recommends keeping baby showers no longer than two to three hours. “A baby shower that goes on too long can be uncomfortable for the mom-to-be since being pregnant is physically and emotionally exhausting,” says Liza. She also says it can be taxing on your guests since not everyone wants to be immersed in the baby world for prolonged periods of time, especially for childless guests. Another good tip for baby shower hosts is to set a definite start time and an end time so guests can take their leave without feeling guilty – anyone else who wants to stay longer then has a choice.

 4. Engage your guests with a game that everyone can play.

When Liza plans baby showers, she wants to make sure that the guest of honor is enjoying herself, but she also wants to make every guest feel welcomed and included as well. These days more and more soon to be parents are opting for a couples baby shower – a real testament of valuing dad’s complete engagement into fatherhood from the very beginning. One of her favorite tips for engaging every man, woman or child guest is by creating games that everyone can play such as ‘Guess the Poop.’ “There is just something about poop that cracks everyone up,” says Liza. “Especially when you watch everyone sniffing diapers. To play the game, Liza says all you have to do is melt a few different types of chocolate, spread one flavor of ‘poo’ inside each diaper and have guests guess the brand or flavor of chocolate by smelling or tasting the chocolate poop.” It might seem a bit raunchy – but it is truly worth it for the laughs.

5. Make it meaningful and heartfelt.

Liza’s top tip for baby shower hosts is to make the baby shower as memorable as possible by focusing on the very reason for hosting a shower in the first place – “to celebrate the birth of new life and show support to the parents-to-be as they transition from couple to family.” “Weave loving and personal touches throughout the shower, especially anything having to do with the future grandparents and daddy,” suggests the party planner. “Vintage baby photos, favorite childhood sayings, advice, stories, music and food from close family and friends touches heartstrings and brings people closer.”



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