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Some people say grace, some folks say “cheers” and others simply dig in. In my life saying a toast before a drink, a sip or a bite at dinner time is a meal time ritual. Whether I’m lifting a wine glass, champagne glass or water glass – it has less to do with what’s in the glass than a meaningful gesture of opening up my heart and sharing the words that flow from there.

Sometimes the words are deep, sometimes funny and sometimes they are just big feelings of gratitude that need out. Either way, saying a few words doesn’t always have to be a big to-do.  By taking a brief moment to look inward and connect with your feelings, the words will flow effortlessly and genuinely. And by simply expressing a few of those heartfelt thoughts on the meaning of the day, the occasion and the people around you, you have just transformed and elevated your meal into a meaningful moment.

3 Reasons To Make A Toast Tonight:

1. It’s a beautiful way to bring focus to the table, the food and gratitude for being together.

2. It elevates the dining experience and creates a context for which all the people at the table join in the experience and become family – feeling loved, valued and seen.

3. It marks the transition from hurried life to a sacred space where we show up and become present, while we feed our bodies, hearts and souls.

Expressing what’s in your heart to friends, family and strangers takes emotional risk.

It can feel scary to be open, to be vulnerable, real {sometimes even more so with the people we know best}.  The more you challenge yourself to open up, the more comfortable you will feel sharing the loving places of yourself with others – what a gift.

If you were to come to my house for dinner, I would raise my glass to you and to the occasion.

I would then reach into my heart and let the words flow.  I might ask if anyone else “has one”  because toasts are even more fun shared – as well as entertaining to hear what everyone has to say. Lately my eight and nine year old kids get started joining the action, raising their glass excitedly “I have one, I have one”…”I am thankful for the best day ever and that I actually like everything on my plate!”  or “I feel lucky to have a family who loves me and I hope I never have to try eggplant again even though I know you want us to be healthy mom”  These are the little gems that make meal time a cherished time.

At some point in your life you might be asked to “say a few words”

Why wait? Practice sharing a toast at mealtime with the ones you love tonight.  Speak from the heart and watch how you shape the moment into a magical opportunity for you and your relationships to grow…and don’t forget

“It’s about Connection not Perfection”

XO ~ L


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