CREATIVE Ideas for PASSOVER goodies and EASTER Baskets!

Celebrating Everyday

If you’re looking to give more than a package of Peeps this year for EASTER or PASSOVER celebration, I suggest thinking a little outside of the sugar coated candy box:) Here are a few of my FAVORITE ideas!

LIZA Easter-04

1. You’ll find the Abundance of SPRING is in each squirt of these luscious SUPER sized FRENCH Soaps!
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2. A BEAUTIFUL symbol for CELEBRATING LIFE and NEW BEGINNINGS, a small PLANT or fruit tree is the PERFECT GIFT or PARTY FAVOR for friends!

3. How cool are these BLUE MARBLE EGGS? This is a GIFT you’ll treasure forever!
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4. Burlap BUNNY NAPKINS are the PERFECT compliment to the pastel pallet at the EASTER table!
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5. LOVE these PASCAL dipped SALAD utensils – Sooooo CHIC and EASY to make yourself! Tie sets with beautiful RIBBONS – So P R E T T Y!!
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6. How about these Bunny SACKS filled with TREATS as PARTY FAVORS for LITTLE and BIG kids!
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