I dare you to not LOVE this movie…..

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I don’t know of one movie I could possibly watch, thoroughly relishing every moment,  that is all about work – my work, my former work that is:  the restaurant business.  Chefs, kitchens, staff, drama, hard work, long hours, restaurant critics, creativity, love, loss, life and passion all deliciously wrapped up and around food.  This is a heartfelt story of what it’s like, struggles and triumphs, to be a restaurateur / chef….ever dream of opening your own restaurant?  This is for you.

Besides the fact that I am a big fan of Jon Favreau, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr. and Sofia Vegara, this film comes off the heels of my trip as a correspondent at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. CHEF takes you there, to the vibrant beach town of South Beach, Florida – a place where your taste buds come alive and dance all night long, along with the rest of your senses…except common sense….late nights, dancing, technicolor food and a culture that indulges in pleasure is no place for limitations.  If you haven’t experienced it you’ll get a little flavor from the movie {watch the teaser below}.  Of course I just wanted to get on a plane a go back.


It all began on a beautiful day in sunny Santa Monica.  I was invited, along with twenty of L.A.’s top foodie bloggers, to a private screening hosted by Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein  – the dynamic duo behind Mamarazzi, a company that brings celebrity events to powerful bloggers to help bring awareness to brands, causes and the next hottest thing.  This day brought out the Stouffers Food Truck (ok so healthy food was not going to happen)  in partnership with CHEF the movie…..I probably made a mistake passing up the tray passed Mac ‘n Cheese appetizers before the movie.

Sitting next to me was my dear friend Lauren Lobley, fellow foodie and blog star, who had the unfortunate challenge of trying to listen to the movie over my stomach growling as if it were going to leap out of my body and into the film – word of advice: tank up before you watch this movie. 

Bottom Line:  CHEF ranks up there as one of my favorite movies.   It’s a feel good, fun, soulful, delicious movie that is perfect for the whole family.  Go see it, rent it, buy it, if you like to laugh, play, cry, dream, cook – most of all if you LOVE food!  See for yourself and check out the teaser…..


…let me know what you think.

XO ~ L

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