Bobby Deen’s Entertaining Tips for Guys

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Bobby Deen’s Entertaining Tips for Guys

During my Video interview with Bobby Deen, it is clear he truly loves to entertain. And he isn’t shy about what he does well – why should he be?  He comes from a Southern family headed by a warm and charismatic mama, Paula Deen, who knows what it takes to make guests feel welcome and at home.

Bobby’s confidence in the kitchen and at home all stem from his mom’s early teachings when he was a boy. Bobby talks to me about what it takes to get guys feeling more comfortable and confident in the kitchen, when they’re entertaining and  how to have fun doing it.  As well as life lessons that helped him score the perfect partner, his new wife!  Does he listen to everything his mama says, nooo sireeee. And that makes for a style all his own.

This is what entertaining is all about after all – finding your own joy, confidence and style in bringing people together – then sharing those feeling with the ones you care about. Like I always say, “it’s about connection, not perfection”

Thank you Bobby for helping to lead the way for more guys to share their love of food, wine, friends and fun!


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