Beyond The Brunch – Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts & Pinspirations

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Beyond The Brunch – Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts & Pinspirations

How do you show mom, grandma, wife, partner, how much you love them?

How do we shower these mother figures, the pillars of our world, lionesses of children, sages of advice, the bottomless pits of love, compassion, tenderness and loyalty – with something that even begins to reflect their significance in our lives?

Beside saying or writing the three beautiful words, “I love you” –  making special days like Mother’s Day meaningful, is an opportunity to nurture the deep connection that invites mom’s heart to burst open.  With an open heart she will be able to receive your gifts, whether they be poems, special time or brunch –  she will hear what’s in your heart loud and clear.

Making Mother’s Day meaningful isn’t about how much you spend.  It’s about taking the time to connect to your loving feelings towards mom and then letting your actions flow from that space.  Whether it be a hand written menu and home cooked meal of her favorite foods, a thoughtful list of all the valuable life lessons she’s taught you, tickets to an exhibit to see an admired artist with her best friend, a personalized Mother’s Day playlist of her favorite music to play in the car, a sentimental time capsule filled with the things she loves most, or simply a heart felt letter expressing gratitude and appreciation – these are just some of the creative ways you can make mom’s day more meaningful and therefore, memorable.

I hope this helps to stir some creative and touching new ways for you to show mom how much you love her – beyond taking her out to the standard Mother’s Day brunch of course, there are so many choices.

I have rounded up some of my favorite Pinspirations; DIYs, gifts and ideas to help you make sure the mom in your life knows the deep love, appreciation and gratitude for all she is to you.

120 Ideas To Make Mother’s Day Meaningful and Memorable

 It’s not how much you spend that reflects your love

but the meaning and thoughtfulness 

that went into your



Happy Mother’s Day!

XO ~ L

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