A Piñata Makeover You’ll Love!

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Are you a piñata fan?
If you’re not – you might be after reading this.

If you are a piñata fan, you will have new reasons to love these little paper mache mascots seen hanging out at Cinco De Mayo parties, kids parties and wedding parties. I must say that I myself have never had strong feelings towards piñatas one way or the other – except for what’s usually stuffed inside them – the chemical laden candy and plastic toys wrapped in plastic are offensive to me. I mean, not offensive in some deep freakish way – but in a “there are so many other cool stuffings that could actually be useful and not end up in the trash?” kind of way.


Like a wasted opportunity to do something super thoughtful and creative – that’s what I have trouble with… aaaaaaand I know I’m not the only one – hanging in the mom and dad huddles as the parent’s jeers coincide with that last fateful crack of the bat – the helpless, dangling, paper-mache figure’s booty goes flying – little hands scramble to pick up handfuls of plastic chachka, pocket size creatures made in China, sugar bomb suckers, candy, bubblegum and lots of other junk that’s going to end up between car seats.

I say it’s about time we give our piñata friends a modern day makeover, give them new life. Are ya with me?!

Here are some ideas for you and new ways to appreciate how cool this novelty party game can be. I especially love Kitty’s from Studiodiy.com fabulous idea of spray painting the whole darn thing – gold, silver, neon – just pick one color that goes with your theme/decor – you now are declared hip and cool.


Oriental Trading company has these.

Stuffing Ideas:

Kids: school supplies, pencils, erasers, notepads, flashlights, marbles, sugar free gum, stickers, baseball hats, t-shirts, crayon packs, lip balm

Weddings / Showers: bags of confetti, white Hanky Panky undies (for the girls of course), monogrammed pocket squares, disposable cameras, cigars in individual cases, cuff links, lip gloss, nail polish, silver straws, cocktail handbooks

Holiday: ornaments, dradels, gift cards, sparklers, monogrammed cocktail napkins, red lipstick, money clips

What to do with them:

  • Line a walkway
  • Use as center pieces
  • Give stuffed mini piñatas away as party favors
  • Suspend and hang them over your table
  • decorate a serving table

Reasons to Love Piñatas:

  1. Piñatas are evergreen – I mean that literally since they are paper and easily recycled.
  2. Piñatas are colorful and festive!
  3. Piñatas are a party in a party
  4. They add a creative personal touch
  5. They’re inexpensive
  6. You can order them online and have them shipped to your door

I hope these ideas help make your party more creative, meaningful and fun.  Now it’s your turn to take a swing at the bat!

XO ~ L

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