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Memorial day is here and for a lot of us marks the kickoff of the most anticipated season of the year – Summer! Long, warm, sunny days outdoors bring winter weary folks to-gather and play.  It’s time dust off the BBQ, start applying sunscreen and most importantly have some much deserved fun!  And while the right to pursue happiness is a cherished American past time, we owe it to the people who fought and sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom to do just that – be free.

So if remembering these brave men and women who gave their lives for ours is the reason we observe this day – how is it that food is such a huge focus on Memorial day?

I’ll tell you. Memorial day food was just as much the center of attention way-back-when as it is now.  When it came time to honor our fallen soldiers, people from all over the countryside would gather together on the same designated day to remember the lives lost and place flowers on graves.  This giant reunion of families and friends would call for a “dinner on the ground,” as they would call it – the traditional term for a ‘potluck’ meal, where folks would bring prepared foods and spread the dishes out on sheets or table cloths on the grass amongst the headstones and graves.  What seems like a solemn occasion was in fact one of rejoice as neighbors, community and towns folk reunited to tell stories, share a meal and reconnect with one another. The joy of a bountiful community feast not only fed appetites but kindred souls as well.

On this day our hearts will always be with those who lives were lost in service – and a tasty meal with friends and family is a gesture of gratitude, helps heal deep losses and brings levity to our world.

This Memorial Day host a Potluck ‘Dinner On The Ground’ party and make it your way of saluting the service men and women who have given their lives for the sake of ours

Potluck Tips

1.  Create a menu then have guests sign up for which item they would like to bring – this way you don’t end up with 6 appetizers and 1 main course.

2.  Have guests bring their contribution in a serving dish with utensils and write their names on the containers – makes set up and clean up a snap!

3. Ask lifestyle eaters to bring what they’d like to eat – a nice way to learn new recipes too.

4. Fire up the grill and assign a BBQ master take over the cooking. –  Video: Must Know Grilling Tips!

5.  Starting to feel relaxed?  Good, because here’s the best part:  I’ve got your Menu right here pulled from some of my favorite sources.  You’re welcome!


‘A Salute to the Memorial Day Potluck’ Menu


Snacks & Sides:



Wishing you a delicious & meaningful Memorial Day!

XO ~L.

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