8 Ways to Simplify Your Daily Routine

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Here’s a little inspiration to get you sorted for the start of your new week ~

8 steps {inspirations, reminders} to kick start your day and organize your daily routine from Liza inspired by Tori Springer, Professional Organizer and Moving Facilitator at Simply Simplify, a stylish organizing company.

1. Stick to a regular sleep schedule…even on the weekends.

Being well rested is the key to cell rejuvenation, maintaining high energy, reducing weight, beautiful skin, keeping a clear mind and patience. Even on the weekends, while it may sound absurd, do your best to keep to your routine within an hour. Your body is fast learner and good habits will quickly become the norm if you commit to a schedule. Don’t fight sleep, when your body is tired, it will speak to you. Listen to it and each day will go much more smoothly allowing you to be better prepared for life’s surprises…and looking beautiful too!

2. Prep for the morning before you go to bed.

If you know you’ll be eating breakfast in your kitchen the next morning, get it ready-to-go by taking out what you need and setting up the night before. Juicer ( I’m so loving the nutribullet for breakfast smoothies!) coffee maker, tea bag and mug. Pick out your clothes, organize your bag, make your to-do list, put out your vitamins. The extra few minutes at night will save you time in the morning and a couple extra minutes in the morning to hit the snooze button.

3. Have a breakfast routine.

It may sound boring, but during the work week stick to simple, healthy breakfast menus. Especially if you have kids, don’t offer them a menu. Stick to one option that will provide them the necessary energy they need throughout the day and run with it – add a slight variation for each day of the work week. Save the weekends for cooking special family breakfasts together – and you’ll be teaching them how to make breakfast for YOU one day! My favorite go-to breakfast recipe

4. Make the beds.

That said, I hate making the beds – so I let myself off the hook on the weekends. I know It takes less than five minutes, and is a most welcoming sight to come home to after a long day when all you have energy left for is to turn down the sheets…so even if your are just flipping the comforter over to hide the mess underneath – take a moment in the morning to make yourself feel better when you get home.

5. Do a swoop of the house every night.

If you have kids, make this part of their routine as well. Before you go to bed, do a quick run-through of your house. Place anything left laying around in its designated spot – newspapers, toys, blankets, shoes, clothes, electronic devices, etc. This not only will save you time in the morning when you’re looking for something, but it will eliminate the time that potentially could have built up had you continually left everything out night after night…. And who doesn’t want to wake up to a tidy home? There is something helpful and energetic about starting the day with an organized home and less chores to do.

6. Designate a place for incoming mail/bills/magazines/etc.

For goodness sakes, not the kitchen or dining room table. Create a ‘home office’ whether it’s an actual room, small desk or wall mounted organization board. Have an inbox that ensures you will deal with incoming mail in a timely manner and a trash can next to it to get rid of the junk mail. If we organize our lives well, we are happier, have more peace and are less stressed. However, on the flip side if we are unorganized we feel frazzled and drained.

7. Charge electronics at night while you sleep.

Turn them off or to silent and charge in any room but the bedroom. Keep your sleep space sacred and tranquil. Charging your electronics at night gives you peace of mind when you’re stuck in traffic, whereas knowing your phone is on its last legs and the lunch hasn’t even occurred yet is reasons for panic. Get into the habit of charging your phone, laptop, iPad and any other electronic devices at night to be certain that the technology you depend on to run your life effectively is charged and ready to serve you.

8. A regular beauty routine.

There will always be special occasions when your beauty routine becomes a bit more elaborate, but for the regular work day, here’s a routine that is simple and leaves you looking and feeling your best from miss Bobby Brown – whom I adore! Moisturise your entire body, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, apply moisturizer to face and neck, concealer, SPF tinted moisturiser, blush, a simple neutral base to your eyelids, eye-liner, a bit of shadow and smudge-proof mascara. Finish with your favorite color gloss and a spritz of mineral water for that fresh look! I keep my everyday makeup in a small makeup bag that I can throw in my purse for touchups later on my way to dinner 😉

I love Bobby Brown’s message about women and beauty! Check out her instructional video ‘Pretty Powerful‘ for fabulous makeup tips! 

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