8 Tips To {happy} Hosting House Guests

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8 Tips To {happy} Hosting House Guests 

House guests can be a special opportunity to connect with new and old friends in a more meaningful way. The intimacy of having guests in your home gives everyone a chance to drop their guards and spend  quality time together. However, some people find it difficult to relax and be themselves when hosting house guests – feeling the pressure to make sure everyone has a good time can be downright stressful – and If you have not yet hosted overnight guests you may be surprised at how exhausting it can be to entertain non-stop for a couple of days.

So if you are one of those lovely friends who has offered your home as a hotel, read these hosting tips first to help set you up for success, don’t suffer from house guest burnout and have as much fun as your guests!

Hosting house guests

1. Call your guests ahead of time to see if they have any preferences/allergies (maybe fluffy needs to be sequestered?) or requests.

Are they allergic to nuts, soy, and lactose intolerant? Do they like peppermint tea before bed? This will help you prepare an effective shopping list, keep your spending down and make them feel special.

2. Establish an area where your guests can have their own space.

If they are staying longer than a night – you and your guests will feel more comfortable if there is a designated area for them to unpack, unload and feel less of an imposition. It also holds them accountable for keeping their own space clean and organized.

3. Organize your menu/meals in advance so you’re not running to the store constantly.

Try to plan which meals will be out and which you will cook according to what’s going to set you up to be the best possible host. If your guests arrive Friday evening after a hectic week for you – plan a dinner out Friday night so you can relax, unwind and enjoy spending quality time – plan to cook the next day and you’ll have more fun.

4. When planning your menu choose a meal where you can give your guests a job and they can help out

This gives your guests a chance to give back makes your guests feel good too.

5. Keep a ‘snack basket’ around filled with goodies you know your guest will like.

That way they’ll feel more comfortable about serving themselves in between meals and you don’t have to worry about anticipating their needs.

6. Carve out some time for yourself – even if it’s running to the gym for an hour, a walk, an errand.

Having house guests can throw you off your game by changing your routine – many times hosts feel exhausted simply because they stop taking care of themselves. Having some alone time to let off some steam helps keep  those ‘feel good’ endorphins pumping.

7. Be upfront and clear about your needs before your guests arrive.

Your life doesn’t have to stop simply because you are entertaining. If you have an important meeting or a standing appointment there’s no need to reschedule. Simply pick up the phone (preferable to email in these cases) and make a personal call laying out the expectations in advance “Hi Sabina we are so excited you’re coming to visit! I have made some fun plans and I wanted to check in with you. I also wanted to give you a heads up that on Monday I have a Drs appointment/ school function/ conference call, and will be tied up for a few hours. So please feel free to make other plans or relax and enjoy the house while I’m gone” This also helps the post house guest syndrome where you have suspended all your responsibilities while you were hosting and now you have to work overtime to get caught up.

8. Keep a set of clean sheets, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, two wash cloths, liquid guest soap and a fresh pillow stored and on standby for house guests.

This will keep you prepared and not having to rush out and buy what you don’t have.

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