6 Steps To Happy Holiday Shopping

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6 Steps To Happy Holiday Shopping

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There is tremendous pressure to start spending and shopping as soon as the Thanksgiving feast has barely found it’s way to our bellies. Ironic don’t you think? We allow one short day for ‘giving thanks’, and 30 days to step on the gas and buy, buy, buy.

That means more time to shop, shop, shop.  And while shopping can be fun, my experience is – when I’m feeling under the gun, rushed, obligated or feel the ‘must buy!’ energy that swirls around the holidays – it sucks. I’m not one to fight the crowds, steal a parking spot, or get snarky with a slow sales lady. Nor do I mindlessly grab or buy any ole thing for the sake of having a gift in hand.

After all, do people really need more useless stuff? I say No.

How then do you beat the holiday gift buying pressure and actually have a good time shopping?

Follow these 6 steps to happy holiday shopping and you’ll start looking forward to the holidays.

Your Happy Holiday shopping is as simple as following these steps:

Show yourself a little self love first and plan an early pre-shopping dinner somewhere festive.  Have a bite at your favorite bistro, cafe, grab a hot chocolate, apple cider or glass of champagne (not too many or your bound to lose control of your budget).  Kick off your Holiday shopping well fed and happy, and you’ll get yourself in a good frame of mind from the get-go.

Take a moment, some deep breaths and connect to your heart.  Check in with your gift giving intentions.  Ask yourself, am I trying to compensate, impress or out-do?  Am I coming from a loving, heartfelt, genuine place?  Be clear and honest with yourself.  Stay in touch with your intentions and stay in touch with what the real meaning of the holidays is for you.

Sit down before you go shopping and make a list of the folks you need to buy for, what their interests are, as well as a budget for each person. Then sleep on it, and check it again the next day before you head your sleigh to the mall.

Having a good friend/partner to help you gut check before you purchase can be a huge relief and make gift buying a whole lot easier.  You can also be a great support to each other in helping one another stay focused and not blowing your budget.

Write on your hand: ‘Quality over quantity‘.  A gift says a lot about the person giving the gift. Be aware and mindful when buying a gift. Don’t rush and end up buying something that you don’t whole heartedly feel is a quality gift. Take a moment and think about whether the receiver will make use of it or truly enjoy.  If you give something of quality, something that has meaning and integrity, you will feel excited to give the gift.  And that’s a gift that will be cherished and appreciated.

Be aware of what, how and why you’re buying.  Are you tired, losing patience.  Feeling overwhelmed, aggravated.  When this happens stop shopping and go home. This is your heart and body saying you’re done.  By not pushing past your limits you’ll have a better shopping experience and avoid suffering the ‘consumer hangover’ in the morning.

Last but not least, when you set out to do your holiday shopping keep in mind that the holiday spirit is something we do not give.

That is why it’s called ‘spirit’ – it lives within us.

By being mindful, aware and conscious shoppers, by staying connected to our hearts –  we are exemplifying a loving, kind

and soulful spirit – after all isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Wishing you the most wonderful Holidays!

XO ~ L

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