5 Steps To Saving The Earth While You Shop

Life's a Party Party for the Planet

Armed with information, going to the market can be an empowering trip, an opportunity to practice choices that will help reverse  damage to our environment. Even better it’s a chance to have a positive impact on what seems to be an overwhelming and sometimes hopeless issue: saving this beautiful planet. The good news:  when it comes to the environment it only takes little effort to do great things.

The first step is becoming a mindful consumer, this is the key to making good choices that will have a dramatic and lasting effect the moment you leave the checkout line.

5 things you can do at the grocery store today:

1. Ditch the meat

According to the Woods Hole Research Center in Falmouth, MA – converting our diets to 80% fruits and Vegetables and 20% meat, fish or poultry, given that it takes 5 pounds of grain and 2500 gallons of water to make 1 pound of beef, is the one thing that can will have the greatest impact in reducing carbon emissions – one less burger baby, that’s all it takes!

2. Purchase water in five gallon jugs

Refill and reuse stainless steel or glass water bottles instead of buying small plastic water bottles. Create a water station at your next party instead of buying cases of small bottled waters – this will save you money and time taking out the extra trash.

3. Choose products with little or no packaging

If just one out of ten products you bought had little or no packaging it would eliminate more than 50 pounds of household waste per year. If it comes down to one or the other choose paper packaging over plastic.

4. Switch to recycled toilet paper

If every household replaced just a single 12 pack of regular toilet paper with recycled toilet paper it would save almost 5 million trees and enough paper waste to fill seventeen thousand garbage trucks!

5. Buy fresh

Instead of canned, wrapped or packaged – the process it takes in canning is at least 10 times more energy intensive than picking fruit. If every U.S. household replaced just one pound of jarred or canned fruit with one pound of fresh fruit during the Summer, the total energy saved could operate the kitchen appliances of over twenty-one-thousad households for an entire year.  Now that’s saving some serious green.

The best tip of all is to start thinking green. When we start becoming mindful about the choices we make we are practicing living a more conscious life, aware of our choices we can then do better!

XO ~ L


* Statistics from The Green Book, by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen
For more information on The Woods Hole Research Center check out their site http://whrc.org/
For facts, statistics and fabulous tips check out The Green Book, by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen

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