5 Steps To The BEST New Years Eve!

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5 Steps To The BEST New Years Eve!

What are you doing for NEW YEAR’S? …I get asked this question a lot. I’m not sure if it’s because people really want to know or if they’re just looking for ideas.  New Year’s, after all, carries with it a tremendous amount of pressure to have the best time at the coolest place, the most amazing evening with most interesting and fabulous people, getting into the most exclusive club or a private party. All of these options are great fun, but it’s the high expectations that have been known to undermine any chance of a good time. Which is perhaps why many people chose to opt out for a small intimate dinner at home with a few friends, or a late night date with a pizza, bottle of wine and the TV, watching the apple go down in Times Square. Or for those who have ‘been there done that‘ it seems staying awake until the wee hour of twelve midnight is just too much to ask.

When I had my restaurants, I was responsible for giving my guests the time of their lives on the last night of the year for over 14 years. Talk about pressure! I loved every minute of it.  And every year the party was different – because every year the world was different. There was a real estate crash, a recession, a dot com boom, a stock market craze, a dot com bust, a stock market crash, real estate boom, 9/11, War, crash, boom, craze – you get the idea. These events deeply affected my guests and the energy of the party from year to year, and I grew to learn a lot about New Year’s Eve, and people.

The first thing I learned was everyone has an expectation but not everyone has an intention. The second thing I learned was resolutions are often guilt trips in disguise. And the third thing I learned was that people can’t wait for next year and are plenty happy drinking last year away.  It was no wonder why some were susceptible to a let down.


Now that I can be a guest of New Year’s after hosting so many, I will let you in on the 5 step ritual for inoculating yourself from the proverbial New Year’s Eve let down.  No matter what’s going on in the world, what I’m doing, who I’m with or where I am – It always ends up being the perfect night.

5 Steps To The BEST New Years Eve:

1. Set an intention for the evening.  – be mindful of your plans and clear of what you decide to do.  Does it feel good to you? Are you being true to yourself?  Start the new year off right by choosing to do what serves and nourish you. Once you’ve set out for the night, be present with whomever you’re with.  Let go of any and all stresses for the night.  Accept and love yourself for who you are at this moment.  Most important surround yourself with people you really care about.

2. Let the night unfold before you –  release expectations and just go with the flow. Aaaaaaaah there’s goes the pressure.

3. Feel gratitude in your heart for the night –I’m so fortunate to have lived another year on this beautiful planet, to see all the things that make my heart smile, friends, family, and life experiences” – now you can experience genuine joy.

4. Make a resolution that morning and start living it that day –  “I will do 100 sit ups a day starting now” “I will take care of myself first”, “I will start creating my passion project”  Set yourself up for success right out of the gates – that way you’re already living your dreams and making them come true – now you really have something to celebrate.

5. Honor the past and embrace the future – Respect, value and be grateful for the last year of lessons you’ve learned, the friends you have made, the memories you will cherish. Look forward to a brand new start, the unknown, new friends, new growth and new experiences with enthusiasm!

If you keep these simple steps in your champagne marinated consciousness, you may barely remember what it was you actually did that night, but the meaning of what you did, with whom and why,  will stick with you. And this will allow you to be thankful and celebrate every crash, boom, craze year – no matter what!

Wishing you a Happy, Happy New Year!

May this next year be filed with magical moments, dreams fulfilled and enough love, joy and laughter to light up the sky!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site, read my blog, leave your comments.  Thank you for your encouragement, your loving support and growing with me on this adventure.

Deepest gratitude and best wishes for 2016!

XO ~ L

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