4 Ways to Guarantee a SUPER Start To The Week

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Monday is the first impression for the rest of the week .

Yes ma’am the first day of the week sets the tone and can potentially become the foundation in helping us balance our work and play time {very important} for the entire week.  I share with you 4 tips to help guarantee a super charged start to your week…

1. Use the Weekend as a Springboard

Make the most of your weekend before the weekend rolls around – I promise you this will help make the first day of the week as successful and productive as possible. Here are five routine things to do during the weekend no matter what else you may have planned:

* Check off (or shorten) the to-do’s – There’s usually, ok always – stuff that can’t be completed during the week that begins to massively pile up ready to haunt you when Saturday arrives – Boo! Take time to group them all together and complete them on Saturday rather than Sunday so that you aren’t bumming yourself out with the reminder of nagging tasks the whole weekend.

* Stay on your sleep schedule – Try to sleep at least 6-8 hours, as well as staying as close to your ‘bedtime’ and ‘wakeup’ time as possible. Sticking to the same times as best you can keeps your body in a bio-rhythm, so that when Monday arrives, waking up at five – god forbid, six or seven, isn’t a huge shock to the system – think of it like jet lag.

* Schedule time to relax – this is a must, if not the most difficult sometimes – especially if you have active kiddies around, but remember, unwinding and getting lost in activities we love is what the weekends are for – right! In order to perform our best during the week, we must have down time. Even if it’s for 20 minutes, you will notice a difference when you strike a balance and find time to rejuvenate over the weekend – guaranteed!

* Don’t over book – Plan one or two activities for the weekend and then leave some free time. Even if everything you have planned for the weekend involves activities and people you love – be diligent about not overbooking yourself – you may begin to seek the week as a respite more than the two day weekend – yes, there are times I too look forward to Monday. Be savvy and conscious with your energy levels and precious time. After all, we only have so much to give and use.

* Take a moment to plan – Every Sunday night I sit with my calendar/planner in hand, and plan what I need/want to accomplish that week. This is also a great time to plan the week’s meals, create a grocery list and make sure all of the clothes you will need are washed and ready to be worn. I created a super simple spread sheet for meals and groceries – it may sound like a lot of work but can I tell you, preperation + organization = peace of mind! …and it helps you sleep at night ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2. A Monday Workout is a Must

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, makes a simple suggestion for a happier week:  always workout on Monday. Why? Beginning the week by checking one workout off your list immediately as the week begins and taking the time to take care of your body is sure to have a positive effect on your energy levels and mood.

3. Tackle the Tough

First thing when you get to work – choose to conquer a task that will bring tremendous relief. Yesiree, just knowing you have been extra productive on day one can lift you with inspiration and pump up your confidence as your carry on the rest of your week week!

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

I talk about sleep a lot because it seems to be the one thing that makes all the difference in the world for your immune system, energy levels, cell rejuvenation, longevity, weight control, emotional stability, hormone balance….the list goes on – and yet, according to data, we are more sleep deprived than ever. Go figure? Go to bed at a decent time (the most beneficial/restorative hours are before12 midnight) and when that alarm clock blows, you are capable of starting the day out feeling strong!

Follow these simple tips and Monday will not be just a work day but your BEST DAY!

XO ~ L

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