4 Simple Steps To Host/essing In The Present

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Q: Do you know the difference between crazy and normal?

A: The ability to control our own mind.

Imagine If we shut off the internal noise, the constant dialogue in our head, and create room for the possibilities of the present to exist. Imagine being able to live life more fully, more authentically.  Living in the present does this. It enhances both your mental and physical health, increases longevity, productivity, concentration, memory, betters relationships and most importantly builds a positive connection to your higher self.  It also happens to be the key to genuine and joyful host/essing.  

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The ability to be present and in the moment with friends, family and guests allows for real connections that make life meaningful and significant. For the host/ess, this requires nothing more than letting go of the to-do list ruminating in your head, the fear of not being good enough, the self critic or the perfectionist. The part of yourself that stirs up the noise of negative mental patterns that ultimately undermine your ability to let go and have fun.

Living in the present is one of the the best ways to create these meaningful connections not just with the people around you – but yourself.  By releasing distracting thoughts and not letting them run away with us, we are able to take back control of our lives, our authentic selves and experience the now unencumbered by the past or the future.  A form of active meditation, this practice comes with tremendous benefits for host/esses about to greet guests at the door; lowering your heart rate, relieving stress, anxiety, calming the nerves and opening your heart.  It sets you up with genuine feelings of joy bubbling up to your beautiful face.

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Here’s How:

1)  Take a moment to stop doing what you’re doing and notice what’s happening in your mind and body.

2) Close your eyes and take five slow, long, deep breathes. With each inhale visualize the warm sun beaming all around you.  With each exhale release your thoughts and see them floating away.

3)  Next connect to your heart. For three breathes visualize your heart as a tightly closed fist –  then slowly allow it to release the grip and relax. See your heart opening up like a blooming flower,  feel your chest expand.

4) Now open your eyes and look straight ahead without moving. Open your ears and listen. Notice the colors becoming brighter, noises becoming clearer.  This is what the present looks like.

Q: Do you know why they call right now the present?  A:  Because it’s a gift.

The best way to get the most out of life’s precious moments is to be present in every aspect, all the time. It’s the fast track to no regrets. And remembering where you put the wine opener!

Much love,  L

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